Kali Method California Tour 2013

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    San Diego - Los Angeles - San Francisco

    We will use the same Event Page for all 3 locations.

    Kali Method is not bound by styles or systems. It utilizes the training methods and principles of Filipino Kali, creating a solid foundation and providing the practitioners with the ability to learn and adapt to environments quickly, using weapons or empty hands. JC's unique and personable approach to each individual gives the participants regardless of experience level a positive learning atmosphere.

    Curriculum is designed to compliment your current style/system you practice. Open to all systems and styles.

    Topics Covered:

    Single Stick
    Short Blade & Sparring
    Blade & Stick Grappling
    Allocating Weapons
    Kali Method Principles and Philosophy

    Pre-Register $45, @ the Door $55
    Sign Up link: http://kalimethod.com/californiatour
    ​Facebook Event Page
    Seminar Trailer Video Coming Soon.

    Tour Dates:
    San Diego - July 20 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm
    Infinity BJJ : 9225 Carlton Hills Blvd. #23 San Diego, CA 92071

    Los Angeles - July 27 - Flyer & Location Coming Soon

    San Francisco - August 17 - Flyer & Location Coming

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