Kali Ilustrismo Terminology?

Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by arnisador, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. arnisador

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    In this post announcing a seminar there were several terms I do not know, and others that I recognize but don't think I have the same understanding of them. Could someone briefly define them for me?

    Tatlong Bao
    Cuatro Cantos
  2. oosh

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    Pluma - refers to "pen" as you hold the stick/hilt etc between forefinger and index finger and secured by the thumb; this can be used as a parrying technique and to deceptively strike.

    Probably not the best explanation ;) but I'm sure Peter and JohnJ will be able to describe it better !
  3. Buwaya

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    Most western FMAists would know this as "wing block" via Dan Inosanto possibly via Cabales.

    Of course, its a whole other creature in the hands of an Ilustrisimo player...
  4. lhommedieu

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    Retirada is a counter that is inititated by step-shuffling back and getting out of range of the opponent's attack. It is followed by an immediate counter-attack. The example that I've seen (on the Mandrigama series that Rey Galang put out several years ago) shows a forehand, downward counter to the arm of the opponent. The initial counter is timed to the stepping back footwork and the counter-attack is timed to a step-shuffle forward.


    Steve Lamade
  5. JohnJ

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    Defondo - to anchor, a name given to an exercise that was developed to teach the basic defenses, bantay-kamay and disarms.
    Tatlong Bao - 3 coconuts referring to 3points of triangle footwork. in ilustrisimo, we also use an aggressive variation unlike the more common versions.
    Retirada - to retreat, a boxers shuffle with counterstriking
    Lutang - to float signature Ilustrisimo footwork
    Bagsak - vertical drop strike in centerline with point up, using lutang
    Ikis - "X" forehand/backhand
    V - diagonal strike(1 side of letter "v") with hip drop. executed by fusing shoulder and forearm except point always remains up.
    Fraile - refers to a friars hand position like praying, one way to use the technique against a backhand diagonal is to scoop under the attack (reverse aldabis or "j") with blade edge up. positioning is 45 degree while livehand is placed on outside weapon hand to prevent cut and to check or clear opponents weapon hand if his attack falls short
    Estrella - means star simply referring to position of stick in relation to opponents stick
    Pluma - pen block or reverse sumbra/sumbrada. many variations used
    Paupo - to sit and direct counter to thrust
    Cuatro Cantos - "4 corners" a KI drill used with all weapon categories to develop proper sectoring, footwork, controlling of range etc.

  6. arnisador

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    Ah, thank you! There's so much terminology out there that either I don't know, or that is used in varying ways.

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