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    It was the same anywhere. He gave what were asked for. Notice that "heated" demos occurred only when its mang Tony who was the "adversary"?
    Btw Oosh, I wasn't present in any of those demos you've seen in videos.
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    Thanks for clearing that up. Yeah I've noticed an extra gear come into play
  3. Sorry Raul. I was just going to let this thread slide but you keep on posting complete and utter nonsense.

    I have seen a video of GM Yuli and Tatang sparring where Tatang knocks a tooth out. You have to rewind and play it in super slow-mo to see which strike it was that does it and even then it's tricky.

    This was also part of a "Demo" video, with all players in Moro garb and percussion in the background. Some portions were on youtube (but not that clip obviously).

    I'd call that pretty "heated":augen22:

    Maybe my "belief" was wrong about what I saw in the video, eh?:whatever:
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    I'm sorry for you Simon for posting the point that I vaguely touch and purposedly avoided to directly point at. Of course, a lot of the guys tried to crank up or acted as if they wanted to crank up their "laro" with tatang and then they got what they deserved. Its different with mang Tony, its only him who can crank the game up to the point of angering the old man and knew when to stop at the exact moment. This he can do simply because he deeply knew the old man. The other guys were just groping. For them its like predicting the weather, a hit and miss thing.(I know you'll bring these statements up against me lol).
    And yes Simon, you're wrong again in your beliefs. Take anything at face value to be safe. Better be safe than sorry. Don't forget that you're just plainly interpreting whatever you see (in the video) or hear about KI.
    I once asked tatang about the guys he probably knew since I saw him talking to them in Luneta. Some of the guys I know you know so it would be great to hear that right? I'll tease you a bit.. I ask about tatang who Tony Diego was and everything he said about mang Tony was positive. Now, you could be sure that I am not against mang Tony or contradicting him in any way.
    Or maybe, you want to listen to the neighbors of the old man about what they know about him and his students? But I'm sure you're not interested, I think you already got what you're looking for. Anything I will say won't make sense to you Simon. It will never make sense to you. But if you really want to know anything about KI, don't ask.. don't because you don't have the capacity to get the answers. What you should do is get another Pinoy to do your research for you. Ok, I know that's another utterly nonsensical statement. lol.
    Btw, were you talking about the moro clip where you can also see Jun Pueblos, mang Sioc? So now you know why tatang wore moro garbs in some of his pictures?
  5. Yes, I know why they were all in Moro garb and the reason for the video.

    I feel it is not worth responding to any more of your posts. This is the worldwide web and we should be doing our utmost to promote unity in the FMA, not bickering like school-children (which I am also guilty of at times with things I am passionate about).

    I also feel that this is a conversation that is better taken off-line and adds no real value to the opening post. It also must be boring for the good people of this forum reading this thread.

    On my way out I will leave you with this quote.

    Explains a lot, eh :whatever:
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    thanks, raul, eskrimakaliarnis.com and twist for your help

    but isn't the intention behind changing the teaching method something that can also be explained theoretically and must not be experienced personally?

  7. Raul

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    Everything and anything can be explained theoretically or verbally. Its actually easier to talk than demonstrate. A teacher can always change the teaching method to suit his purpose but he should always be aware how far is he straying away from the original teachings.
  8. You are most welcome Qwertz.

    Yes and no IMHO.

    The best way to fully understand something is to teach it. If you mundanely practice the techniques without knowing the theory behind them then you will have difficulty applying them. In order to teach you must know theory and application.

    However, we are dealing with motion and fighting. This is not carried out in words but by deed. The old expression "A picture tells a 1000 words" is very relevant but a stick striking your flesh communicates information a lot quicker and in glorious techno-color.

    In FMA and elsewhere I have seen many newbies say "What about this, this and this?". I myself have had many similar thoughts (but tend to cut down on the actual questions as the answers are painfully and quickly rendered).

    The instructor will explain it but in the end say "Try me!". There is no mis-understanding, mis-quoting or people watching and going away and saying "Yeah, well I would've done this and then he'd be in trouble".

    I have also seen:

    "We used to do do it like this. Which is good. But now we do it like this. Let me show you why..."

    Going back to the original point the skill of the recipient is a factor in the teaching. Some people can just get the subtle nuances of the movement (and damn how I hate them), other people need repetition and explanation.

    You won't know what suits you best and more importantly if the instructor can move as well as he eulogizes unless you experience it first hand.

    Just my 2 centavos....
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    Man, What did i miss?? Kamusta kuya Raul?
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  11. Raul

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    Kumusta Eome! Send my regards to the bros for me.
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    Done kuya Raul. Ingat palagi jan.
  13. Raul

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    I just found the book The Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo: The Filipino Fighting Art Explained. Here's what was written on page 27..

    Given the fact that Ilustrisimo had never learned the art in a "by-the-numbers" format, he didn't understand the value of teaching it in such a way. Thus, it was difficult for Tony and Yuli to try and learn his techniques---let alone catalogue them.
    It is because of his unusual teaching method that many people have said that while Antonio Ilustrisimo was a good fighter, he was not a good teacher. But if you analyze his method of imparting his art, you'll see that he was in fact a great teacher. While it is true that Tatang did not teach his art in the usual step-by-step manner, he actually taught his students something much more valuable: the experience of the techniques. In other words, he did not teach anyone how to learn his techniques, but he made others understand the techniques from the onset by giving them the true experience of their essence.
  14. :laugh:

    The dead donkey again!

    Don't worry Raul. No doubt we'll see you in August ;)

    Still, if you revise your policy and teach "Foreigners" in New York no doubt you'll be in tip-top shape :)

    BTW - I hope to be the first to benefit from your teaching and to give feedback as required. There are many here who would like further instruction but it looks like I will have to win them over with my charm for precedence....

  15. Raul

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    What's wrong with you Simon? It's your link remember? I just found Tony Diego and Chris Ricketts book! You said it's the best reference for this thread and I can only agree. What's bothering you? FYI, I readily accept non-pinoys as students. I don't know where you got that "no-foreigner policy". They're all the same to me, some good some bad, some wise some stupid. But of course, I try to weed out the bad and stupid.
    BTW, I also prefer unusual teaching methods.

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