Kali-Escrima Possible Tourney

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by JKDBRANDO, Feb 7, 2008.


    JKDBRANDO New Member

    Would any Master or Trainers be willing to come to Las Vegas some of there students to do a Slap Stick Kali-Escrima tournament?

    The tournement will take place late March or early April.

    We are looking for about 6-8 fighters (less or more is not an issue) per school, We will use full head gear and the padded slap sticks. This is to get ready for WFMA Championship later this year.

    If interested let me know. Once I get a count on who wants to go I'll get back with the final details. We already have 3-4 invitations that my Master has sent out to other schools that are ran by his friends just pending response back from them. Never the less it will be fun.

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