Kali, Escrima, FMA Blade Combatives and Tournament at Mr. Olympia Expo

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    Here is the information for anyone interested in participating in the 1st Annual Mr. Olympia Sword Fighting Tournament.


    Contact number: 209-565-4839
    Email: bahalanapromotions@gmail.com

    Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall
    3150 Paradise Road
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    (702) 892-0711

    The Olympia Kali, Escrima, FMA Blade Combatives and Tournament is part of the Mr. Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend in Las Vegas, NV. This event is under the direction of Event Chair Tokey Hill. Event Sponsored, Promoted and Curated by the Bahala Na ® Martial Arts, Association / Giron ® Arnis Escrima and The Houston Stick Fighting Association.

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