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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by Ronin76, Mar 27, 2006.

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    To anyone: Forgive the basic question, but I am new to concept of FMA and have only recently been looking into it. Could someone provide me a basic understanding of how a typical Kali class would go. I have studied traditional Karate and have been studying Krav Maga but have no idea what Kali is all about. I am interested in a very practical martial art that covers situations that one could find themselves in a family defense or law enforcement situation. Any overview and opinions are welcome. Thanks.
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    It varies. Where I study JKD, Kali is mixed in with other things. At a FMA school, it varies with the art. In a possible approach to a class, you might begin by doing solo striking drills or sinawalis (two-person striking drills in specific repeating patterns), then go on to exploring a technique using the stick-against stick, practicing carefully with a partner; then the same idea knife-against-knife, and empty-hand-against-empty-hand, and possibly more variations. There would probably be padded weapon sparring on some days, but not every day. Your art may or may not have forms, but if you do then they won't be emphasized nearly as heavily as in Karate.

    There are a lot of other possibilities! Kali typically includes study of at least the sword, stick, knife, and empty hand, so there's a lot to do. It tends to be quite practical, with some of the best defenses against knives you're likely to find, and including empty-hand strikes, locks, throws, etc.
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    Like most martial arts, the quality and focus depends on your instructor. You should take a look around at possible schools and see if their focus is what you are looking for. A good video that shows the breadth of what Kali can encompass is found here:


    This vid clip represents a particular system of kali (Pekiti-Tirsia) and other systems may not necessarily resemble this.

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    Have you had a chance to try a FMA class yet?
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    FMA Class

    Ive been trying to get the class at one spirit but the teacher is still working out the details. I might be able to get to the class on Wed.

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