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    Wow! I didn't know it was such a serious sport! I played a simplified version of it with some Panjabi-American kids as a game. Great activity when you have a crowd of lots of diverse ages. For the adults, its an excuse to run around with the kids. For the kids, running around and hearing kids and adults alike saying "kabbadi, kabbadi" make the kids smile and laugh....which in turn makes the adults smile and laugh. Good times. :)
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    I can't believe I know someone who's played it! Neat!
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    Kabaddi is an old Asian cultural game. It has become more like a festival in Indo-Pak region. People of this region really like kabaddi as their cultural game. Kabaddi requires strength and speed. The strong and quicker man wins the game. The players have to eat a lot of food to gain more strength and power.
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