Judo: The Power of Blue!

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by arnisador, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. arnisador

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    The Color of Victory? Rethinking the Power of a Blue Judo Uniform

    Another study disputes the finding.
  2. pguinto

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    My major in college was psychology of social sciences. I do recall from several psychology classes, that studies show that viewing blue has a soothing/calming/pacifying affect on people; whereas viewing red has an arousing/agitating/inflaming affect.

    Given that a judo practitioner usually tussles with peeps wearing white, going up against someone wearing blue may affect you psychosomatically whether you are aware of it or not....
  3. Brock

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    I was pretty much thinking the same thing. When I used to point spar I would never wear the red pads that were common because of the agitating effect I felt it gave to my opponent thus giving them an edge. I went for black or a blue. Made for a lot of head when I would fight someone wearing a black gi because the pads would blend in with their gi.
  4. scubamatt

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    Well in the treatment of mental patients, its been demonstrated that neutral colors in the environment help maintain a calmer attitude, and that bright colors (especially reds) have the reverse effect.

    However, I don't know if the color of your uniform would make a significant difference in a tournament, since you are already about as keyed up as you can get before the referee signals 'Begin!'. Perhaps there is a mental suggestion that a white uniformed opponent is somehow 'less skilled' because usually the new students wear white uniforms? Or maybe that an experienced fighter is more willing to wear a fancy/colorful outfit?

    < shrugs>

    I think this is statistically just a random factoid, not something that actually means anything. How many more matches did blue win versus white? How were the colors selected (i.e., did they assign blue to the guys with more experience, etc)? One series of matches, in one Olympic competition, doesn't give enough data for any sort of reasonable conclusion.

    Well, enough of this chit chat, I gotta go buy a blue uniform before my next sparring match...:biggrinbo
  5. arnisador

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    The more careful study referred to in the article claimed it was a correlation with who was seeded and was more likely to be injured, and said there was no effect after taking that into account.
  6. arnisador

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    TKD and the Power of Red!

    Red's the winner for tae kwon do referees

  7. arnisador

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    Another article on the benefits of red for TKD players:
    To the Fighter in Red Go a Few More Spoils

    "By digitally reversing the red and blue gear on video of tae kwon do matches, German researchers found that referees favored the fighter in red."

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    Hmmmm. Does it follow that if Democrats start using red and Republicans switch to blue (as in "red states" and "blue states") that we'd see a different result in elections? Or better yet, forget color altogether and just let 'em work it out "Dog Brothers" style!

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