Judo and the blind.

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    Proud Is Proud, Sighted or Not, Researchers Find


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    From a 2005 article.

    COVER STORY; Real Role Models for Unreal Heroes

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    The Joy of Blind Judo in Beijing

  4. Carol

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    Great find Arnisador! :bow:

    Excellent judo. Excellent fans!
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    That's really awesome Arnisador. It just proves that "I can't" is not a legit excuse. Grat find on that Silat movie too Carol, I can't wait to see it.
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    Are there different rules in Judo for blind opponents? I have no idea, but know that there are rules in wrestling when contact is lost. I had many blind friends who did judo and just wondered. I learned many of the techniques that I used in wrestling from the Michigan School for the Blind wrestlers who had won state chamionships. My dad brought me up going to wrestling matches at the Michigan School for the Blind. It gave me the love that I had for the sport.

    My dad worked as an Orientation and Mobility instructor for the blind for 40 years. He berated one of my opponents mother's for using her son's lack of sight for an excuse for losing. He told her that she was keeping her son down. I learned that anything that you had difficulty with was only an obstacle to be overcome, not an excuse. It was a great life lesson for all obstacles no matter how big or small.

    I too worked at the Michigan School for the Blind and met many there who did not see it as a disadvantage, but a challenge.
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    Blind Ugandan Boxer.

    Blind Ugandan boxer taking the sport by storm

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    the 3rd Judo tournament that my children went too, not too long after earning their Orange Belts, there was a 27 year old, blind from Birth, Judoka in the Black Belt division. Good sized tournament too.
    He took 2nd. It wasn't vision that made him lose to the 1st place winner either, it was simply a matter of being both outweighed and out skilled.

    VERY VERY awesome display of what ANY human can do with enough determination and a LACK of excuses!!!!!!!

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