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    A Knight's Tale:
    Modern Jousting
    Sees Renaissance

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    re: Jousting--way cool!

    Man, real jousting. That's something I'd like to see! But it does sound like an expensive...even aristocratic sport. Back in my college days my buddies and I came up with our own version using simpler equipment: two skateboards, a couple of thrash-can lids, two brooms pilfered from the dorm custodian's closet and a keg of beer. You duct-tape a pillow over the end of your broom "lance", chug a cup of beer, grab your trash-can lid "shield", jump on your skateboard "steed" and fly down the dorm hallway into your equally inebriated opponent. Well that was in the 70's. With drinking ages now raised back to 21 and less tolerance for intoxication in general, I doubt we'll see a revival of that style of jousting. More's the pity.
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    In fact I think we have a still photo:

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    Lose this joust, and you're sunk

    Boat battlers have for hundreds of years broken out the lances in French port city


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