Jose Rizal Article.

Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. arnisador

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    Fightin’ Jose’

  2. ILLAPhonte_Teckneik

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    Good Read I did a research paper on him in my college english class he was also the ladys man he had a chick in japan, england,spain and in the P.I
  3. sharon.gmc

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    i like jose rizal.
  4. citom

    citom New Member

    You forgot Belgium and France, he had girlfriends there as well...
  5. sukotsuto

    sukotsuto New Member

    Jose Rizal is the quintessential pinoy. He is the man whom we should strive to be. He is highly intelligent and educated, he had gone all over the world, learning and making friends along the way, and he is a polymath, a person who is highly talented in many things. He had been more successful inciting our people and giving backbone to our revolutions with his words than many others did with their swords.

    He pretty much defined us being very smart and being balikbayans lol.
  6. citom

    citom New Member

    Jose Rizal was also an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker)... "quintessential Pinoy" nga siya! Mayroon siyang syota sa halos lahat ng lugar na binisita niya (he had a girlfriend in almost every place that he visited) :D
  7. geezer

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