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    By order of GGM Ernesto A. Presas, Sr., at IPMAF Headquarters in Manila, the Philippines, Original Arjuken Karate Association member Jose G. Paman has been promoted to Lakan Siyam effective Feb. 14, 2009.

    Jose G. Paman is one of the longest-standing practitioners under GGM Presas, predating many of the currently active masters. He officially joined the Arjuken’s main gym at Quiapo in 1973 to train in arnis and karate. Prior to that, he was an affiliate member through the PE program at the University of Santo Tomas High School. He became one of the first graduates of GGM’s instructor program at Arjuken.

    GM Paman began a competitive career in local and regional Philippine tournaments and was a member of the victorious University of Santo Tomas Team that captured top honors at both the First and the Second Intercollegiate Karate and Arnis Tournaments held in Manila in 1975 and 1976.

    As the holder of Lakan Tatlo/Sandan black belt instructor degrees in arnis and karate, GM Paman relocated to California with his family in the late 1970s and continued to participate in fighting and forms divisions in numerous tournaments. He was regionally rated by the California Karate League and captured a runner-up spot in the 1979 California State Karate Championships. He was also involved in kickboxing competition first as a fighter and later, as coach, cornerman, judge and referee.

    GM Paman formed the first California chapter of the IPMAF in Sacramento in 1983 and has since been active in instruction and in presenting martial arts demonstrations. His group presented demonstrations at events including the Festival of the Arts, the Asian Pacific Islander Week, and the Philippine National Day Celebration.

    A prolific writer, GM Paman has published more than 120 martial arts articles. He wrote the earliest articles on GGM Presas, ensuring worldwide exposure to the arts of Kombatan and Ernesto Presas Modern Arnis. Inside Kung-Fu magazine awarded him its prestigious Writer of the Year award in 2007. He has also written five full-length books including Ngo Cho: Southern Shaolin Five Ancestor Kung-Fu (Unique Publications, 2007) and the best-selling Arnis Self-Defense: Stick, Blade and Empty-Hand Combat Techniques of the Philippines (Random House, 2007). His writing also appeared in the anthologies The Best of CFW Martial Arts 2000, and The Ultimate Martial Arts Q&A Book.

    GM Paman is a sought-after lecturer and has presented clinics on writing for publication to groups ranging from grade school and high school students as well as to private entities and professional organizations. He works full-time in Sacramento
    for a government agency that investigates identity theft and license fraud cases. He also serves as a state-certified expert interpreter, translator and examiner in the Filipino language. GM Paman heads the private Original Arjuken Club based in the Capital city.

    This message was authorized by GGM Ernesto A. Presas Sr. at IPMAF Headquarters at Quiapo, Manila.

    For an in-depth interview with Jose G. Paman, view:

    Here is information the book Arnis Self-Defense: Stick, Blade and Empty-Hand Combat Techniques of the Philippines:
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    Wonderful news! Good for him!
  3. I agree! He's helped a LOT in the promulgation of Kombatan and other martial arts. Well deserved!

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