John Bernarski's Pacific Island Tournament & Gathering formerly Nagasulong

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by GT Nene Tortal, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. silat1

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    Remember the fat old bald guy who resembles the skipper on Gilligan's island.. Any video and/or bloody sticks, send them to me so I can see how things have turned out after the Fong Pi' (taiwanese for ********) that has happened over the last few weeks. Wish I could be there, but things have come up
  2. Navadisha

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  3. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Saturday and Sunday

    Hello Everyone,
    We will be open at 9:00 A.M. Both days and the festivities will start by 10:00 A.M. , thanks to everyone.

  4. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Also a last minute clarification on footware.
    The only shoes allowed are non marking matt shoes with prior approval day of.

    The dojo has extreemly nice mats!
  5. Buwaya

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    That's not a barung. Ironicly the assassin is using a bolo from Leyte, which is where Imelda comes from.
  6. Navadisha

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    But it is small enough to fit up a sleeve as he did with the bolo.
  7. silat1

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    Today is the day.. Let the games begin..
  8. medic

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    To all the competitors, good luck! John, I have no doubt that it will a class act tournament as always.
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Good luck! Wish I could have made it!
  10. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    So how did everything go? [​IMG]
  11. rm4

    rm4 Junior Member

    A Great day!

    Gm Nene Tortal, Guro John & all the Guy's at Midway kodenkan,
    All of you did a great job hosting a top notched event!

    We got to meet alot of very tallented FMA/IMA people and had a great time all day.

    Thanks to Guro Steve VanHarn for centering all day and keeping an eye on everyone.

    I will try post some of the pic's I took and hopefully some video soon.

    Also I really enjoyed seeing all the demo's from people like GM Nene Tortal and Guro John, Gm Bandalan and Mariah Moore.

    Thanks to all for a great day of competition and good sportsmanship. We got to see alot of real good action and talent.

    I hope to see more in the future from you guy's!
  12. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Quick review/I need a vacation day.

    Hello Everyone,
    Within the next couple of days I will be posting results.... I can only praise everyone whom came and gave it their all. I hope more in attendance will give a review and I can sit this one out for a day or so to recover......

    Thanks to all,
  13. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge


    It was so non stop busy that a few of us decided to sneak out and grab some luch real quick and we missed most od the knife compatition, the day of the tournament.

    The seminar day was "KILLER" too. I was working to prepare for the tournament all that day and was not able to get free until the last seminar. But Guro Keith more than made up for my lost time. We did non stop Lamaco double stick drills for over an hour. My arms felt like noodles after that. When I was back in the SANDATA / SENJATA room, I could hear the lether on the pad popping from Guro Ron's Panatukan seminar and the sticks cracking from Datu Tim's Balintawak concepts seminar so I was labeling blades as fast as I could, while trying not to blurt out "not so healthy" words because I was missing out. Got to watch my good friend Pendakar / Maestro Style jam with some Sansabar work too............ Then after hours, Pendakar Mushtaq was give Juru lessons to John that I was DIE'IN to get in on, but had to pack blades.

    I played with the practice Brung that Steve made too, it was nice and top heavy like a real one and had almost the exact shape as the Tausug Barung that I gave out a a Sandata Show prize. He made a large Brung and Jawan Keris trainers that I fell in love with.

    GM Bandalan was great too. He is highly skilled, hunble and great to be around just like GM Nene. Having 2 grandmasters and several masters was awesome.

  14. Navadisha

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  15. Mariah

    Mariah Lean, Mean when necessary

  16. Karl

    Karl New Member


    Seems you have a wonderfull time there, was nice to see the clip and the people there in Chicago again.....Hope someone will post more clips...


    the videoclip in your blog is not working anymore seems????
  17. Mariah

    Mariah Lean, Mean when necessary

    Clips up on Eskrimadora's You Tube Channel

    You can view clips of my knife fight and my stick fight at the Pacific Island Arts Tournament-Chicago here:

    What a great time! I will definitely go back again next year! I am so very honored to have met and spent the day with so many amazing people- especially Grand Master Nene Tortal and Grand Master Bandalan! I am very grateful for the opportunity to compete. Best of all, Grand Master Tortal's personal Sword! WOW! I will treasure it forever and I can say with confidence-this is the best trophy ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Salamapo!(I'm sure I slaughtered this but it is my best attempt at Thank You in Tagolog!)
  18. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    That would be - salamat po, but the intent was there so I won't be an internet gustapo spell checker.

    I am glad all went well at the tourney- I had a seminar to give at Chuck Pippins academy- that went well too.
    Many people were introduced to the floor.

    Next year I will give you a run for your money eh?

    Guro Buzz Smith
  19. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I'm so glad to know it was a success!
  20. silat1

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    All it takes is a group of people with like mindset and together they can defeat any and all obstacles that pop up on the road to success.. I'm glad that it went as well as I have been reading and that there were some stuff that was included on the seminar that originally wasn't scheduled.. I just wish I could have been there to get in on the training with Master Styles and Guru Mushtaq as it is few and far between when I get to share and learn what little Kuntao and silat I know with such advanced people who can understand my way of teaching... Im glad that John finally got some more hang time with GM Nene and will be looking forward to updates as they occur as the 2009 schedule unfolds..

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