JKD Naming Issues.

Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by arnisador, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Kailat


    Jeet Kune Do- Bruce Lee- Intercepting Fist Way-JKDLOGO-
    McDonalds-Bigmac-Quarter Pounder-McNugget
    Wal-Mart-Sam's Club-Sam Walton

    Ok so If I or anyone in my immediate family had created or own something (anything) that people begin to make profit off of, or begin to extort I would feel responsible that it is not being passed off as illegitimate.

    Many people I have met have claimed to teach JKD or having some ties to Bruce Lee himself. When in fact it is just false and mere B.S. and the farthest from JKD.

    I having studied Bruces philosophies and ways,ideas, principles etc.. from a few of his original students and by far would never call what I do or teach from that JKD. Out of just mere respect for what he spend his life and soul in creating. I feel once someone has reached the level of proficiency in a system or gained instructorship level etc.. It should be a time to develope and begin looking within to see what works for them and create thier own specific system.

    Thats just my opinion.
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    And the exploitation that you are describing is most likely why the Lee's have stepped up so aggressivelly (maybe too agressively in some spots).

    All the politics just makes a mess out of something that is in essence, simple.

    Good Point...
  3. Leif T. Røbekk

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    The problem here is that if you want to learn Bruce Lees JKD, you cant do that in a seminar with fore eksample Hartsell, Inosanto, Bustillo .. Most of the things they do in a seminar is not JKD.
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    Face it. Unless you can go into the afterlife and talk to him, you will never know which way the Late Great Master Bruce Lee, would have taken his art. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is ass-u-me-ing what he might have done. A lot of people have made a lot of money off his name and the name of JKD for a long long time, it is about time it was stopped and some respect paid. Who lost the most here? Who has made the most? Be honest.
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    Battling to Make Bruce Lee a Lucrative Brand

    As Interest Grows in China, His Daughter Buys Rights, Forms Companies and Signs Deals


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