JKD Naming Issues.

Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by arnisador, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. arnisador

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    This isn't exactly a Kali issue, but I was speaking with yet another JKD instructor last night who is shying away from using the JKD name because of both the arguments between original/concepts/nucleus/etc. groups, and the fears that the Lee family is trying to enforce a trademark on "Jeet Kune Do" that would force those using the name to pay them a licensing fee. (Is this true, or just a rumor? I note that Dan Inosanto has started calling it 'Jeet Kuen' (sic) instead, for example.) People traded on the name for years, but now there seems to be something of a backlash against using it!
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    Where did you see that he was calling it Kuen?

  3. arnisador

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  4. ryangruhn

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    I think that might actually be a typo. I see it spelled "Kune" in other places on his site. I am a certified instructor under the Inosanto lineage and I think it would take a bit more than a trademark to make people change the way they spell JKD. Besides, looking on the legal side they might have problems justifying why people who were given permission by the man himself are no longer allowed to use the name.

  5. arnisador

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    Could be...I've heard it from a few sources but have yet to see anything in writing that confirms there's a push to enforce some notion of trademark on the name. (I don'tthink it's literally a trademarked term.) I don't know!
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    Anyone knowledgeable in the trademarks here? I am pretty sure that after a certain amount of time and so many people using it there are problems with trademarking something. For instance I can’t trademark the word “the” because to many people use it and it is common knowledge.

  7. Marvin Diem

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  8. Nanalo74

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    Yeah, Shannon Lee has trademarked the name Jeet Kune Do, the name Bruce Lee, and any likeness thereof, including the JKD Yin/Yang.

    Notice that Dan took the symbol off his t-shirts and instead uses a yin/yang with sort of a "ring-of-saturn" thing.

  9. ryangruhn

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  10. Diego_Vega

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    Anybody else think this is kind of pathetic.
  11. Nanalo74

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    Yeah. Big time.

  12. arnisador

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    I do agree that it is a sad thing, if accurate. Still, I'd like to see something in writing indicating exactly what is happening. Have the Lees issued any sort of statement about this?
  13. Toasty

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    It's true, it's not a typo & it's pathetic.
  14. dmcdonnell

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    I think the pathetic thing is that just about anyone who knows Guro Dan, knows that he would never exploit the name of Bruce Lee and JKD, I think a lot of hthis movement by Shannon is driven by the Wannabee's in the former JKD "Nucleus" who refuse to do anything but the dated stuff Sijo Bruce was doing in the 1960's. I firmly believe that if he were alive today, Sijo Bruce would be doing things in a direction similar to what Dan Inosanto is doing..
  15. JPR

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    Example to follow

    Reguardless of the issue of naming is the wonderful spirit that Guro Inosanto shows about the whole thing. He just seems to ignore the garbage, and go on doing what he is doing. After all, it is just a name. A good example to follow in my mind.

  16. arnisador

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    Agreed. He's been a definite class act! Bruce Lee certainly chose well in that regard.
  17. monkey

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    Let me say this.I love Inosanto & not 1 thing agian him in his endever for the arts.Let me just point out some facts & youll see why Shannon did what she did.1-On the junfan rakns from Bruce,It has chines conji.All that was stripped & the junfan replaced with Inosanto Accademy of Martial Art.Next it when on in English promoting Larry hartsel as the only senior instructor for the Lee junfan/jeet kune do.Then it gose on to seal with Bruces chop & signed forged name of Bruce Lee as president of the Lee junfan/jeet kune do ect. Counter signed by Inosanto as instructor.This can be found in Hartsels new Gung fu to Grappling book.Also for the many past years while Dan has been teaching seminars He stops at points.While doing patterns from kali & reads from Bruces set pattern quotes.Then he states kali is a set pattern & he never beleaved 100% in what Bruce was teaching.& even when he was with him he stated (I never will-what you tell your kid in the mornig who wants breakfast-fix it your self & use no set pattern.got to go to school find it your self.)Now you see the delema.
  18. arnisador

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    The Name 'JKD'.

    The Sept. 2006 issue of Black Belt magazine sheds some possible light on this. Shannon Lee Keasler, daughter of Bruce Lee, and her mother Linda Lee Caldwell are working on promoting the sites www.brucelee.com and www.bruceleefoundation.com as part of their focus on the Bruce Lee Foundation. They have or plan scholarships, a museum (to include thousands of his books, many annotated), and--to the point--a seminar series featuring at least Ted Wong and Taky Kimura and an instructor-certification program in what they term "Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do" to emphasize that it was Bruce Lee's version. It appears from the site that this phrase is now a registered trademark or similarly protected.

    Could this be why they wanted more control over the name?
  19. arnisador

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    I meant to mention that the absence of any mention of Dan Inosanto in the article was quite noticeable.
  20. Brian R. VanCise

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    Clearly put Dan Inosanto has moved in the direction that Bruce Lee was moving in. Dan took JKD on the right path as Bruce would have wanted. (at least in my opinion) JKD without Dan is just not JKD anymore. Fortunately Dan is above this and everyone knows that if you want to learn JKD then you had better be training with him or one of his people.

    Brian R. VanCise

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