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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by monkey, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    Some say JKD is this & thats it.Some say I use this art to enter & then & then & then!That sounds like styles or set ways.Bruce stated in his intervew 1973--It is not this & then & then befor you do a single thing.
    If you agree or not is not the point.JKD was intercpting fist or foot.
    JKD was simplisticly deployed-JKD was scientificly & nontelegraphic.
    Be honest with your self.This is what Bruce said.It is very hard to do .
    We want to be on the band wagon, & not be seen as the only one not
    To intercept is to stop the incoming.Much like a missle.It intercepts & takes out the taget.Now could it do that with enter -to trap-to lock-to grapple.The main factor was to end it as soon as possable.
    How can we evolve if we simply add more styles & technics & Ranks.JKD is not a style.JKD is nontelegraphic.To grapple dosent that alone telegraph or at lest--at least put you in a fixated state & cant focus on the totality of your envirment.
    These are thoughts & Ideas.I cant say you have to do this ,That would predict a style.Be formless & dont adhear to styles that do nothing more then emulate robotic motions.
    Just a thought.
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I still have to ask--after the interception, then what? If I use a kali destruction on a left cross, do I then wait for the right jab to come before I do anything? Focusing too much on interception makes it seem like a 100% defense approach.

    Suppose the left cross comes in and you intercept it, possibly by a destruction--what's the next move?
  3. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    This is up to the time of "what is alotted in the confrontations."
    Is it one attacker?--Yes by all means--total him with all you have.
    If it is multi attackers--"do you really have time for too much more?"
    To intercept isn't a means to the end ,but it can be enough to
    get you out of that attack, or any other single attacking situation.
    The interception is much like football.You intercept the pass--do you have a clear path to run?--Then run!
    Some times they get hit from behind.The same for a street attack. Nothing is 100%. Bruce just evened out the playing field & said simply this--
    Treat the football like rugby & kick them,elbow, ect. Intercept & take
    total control of that situation.
    Can you have total control in multi-attack to pull off what you say? Or are you fixating on the point that you have to do more.The first thing in JKD is simplistic motion.How do you see it being simplistic & yet nontelegraphic & scientifically sound(If nothing more need be done?)Using no way as way does not give license to use styles or massive compounding techniques.It is no way--no set form or pattern or, well, the best thing to say is: you were thinking-Therefore too much time has been wasted. Don't think & let the motion be part of you & not you as part of the motion.
    This is JKD--if you have to think about the technique-you will lose.
    This is why Bruce said R.I.P. Classical man!
  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    This is what I'm trying to get at!

    So...can you say more about how to take control? It sounds from your emphasis on intercepting as though the follow-up is a lesser part of the approach than the part that comes afterwards. If JKD is about intercepting, what's the philosophy on finishing the encounter?
  5. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    I wouldnt say lesser .I was told to use just what will--over kill is for those who intent great harm to me.
    Just a basic grab or something.I cant condone the use of excess.But in
    an attack that my me life thretning--Ill show him that being in a paralizes state for the rest thier life was a blessing.
    I think you might understand it if I say it as an Army vet---Don Tred
    On Me! Dose that say it on how far I will or wont go.With anger --show compassion!With violance --show anger!With mame --show hurt!With Kill--show mame. I realy dont beleave we have the right to take live.
    Intensive care for the rest of thiers sounds Ok by me.
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Well, what I mean is...what is a typically JKD way to finish the encounter after the interception? In PFS, we focus on HKE, as we were discussing here. I like your focus on intercepting; but, it seems there must be a post-interception finishing technique(s). What appraoch meshes well with the inteception mindset?
  7. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    Good question ;
    I can see were your going..Ok lets say for sh--s & gigles;
    The attacker comes in--I intercept with bust to knee!
    The pendulum back to eough were Im not out of range but I can eye jab or puch.
    From there I can step behind his foot(left if not broke on that side)
    With a straihgt arm or evern elbow to the throat--this sends themon a downward sipral & I can finish with a side kick to the face of floating ribs.
    Now all this can be done simplitcly-nontelegraphic & as James Lee called it Scientific Street Defence.
    I can also instend of step behind.Use a burst side to floating ribs & this should open high line for the Lead punch--elbow to head & head butt to noise if you will or bil gee to throat.
    Maybe this will grant more of a lay out to show it flows--yet with minumal & well rounded ways.Can still find way as no way & grant play time to destruct--with out over kill or breaking the perameters of JKD(Simplistic & nontelegraphic motion)
  8. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Ah, OK! This is what I was looking for. So, it sounds like a HKE approach might be OK in some circumstances, but would not fit the principles in others?

    What is a "burst side" technique?
  9. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    Ok--your in the bijong stance.In JKD we dont chamber kicks so 1st ...\
    I have to take you how to side kick JKD.As you are ready to kick--
    Turn your heal of the kicking foot twords the attacker--
    Bend in the knee--This will not change you hight or telegraph yet fast & powerful.Now Like your arm bent & hand by chest--kick & like it touches
    hot coals bring it back faster then what you put it out,
    Now for the burst or sudden step--imagine while in bijong-just befor you
    kick--ever so slightly aprox 1" off the ground
    >Your foot will hover.Now imagine there is a spring just a foot or so in front of you.Here is were you will have a short bound energy or bounce for a spring boar effect into the attacker.
    It is faster & more powerfull then a side kick.So Enter the Dragon as he dose it many times.
  10. Sheung

    Sheung New Member

    So this Kali destruction has it a name maybe hammer principle(actual hammer) say some uses a hammer to intercept that left cross or any other principle say knive.

    So who waiting for any right jab or anything as that hammer principle nearest weapon to target, attack by drawing, interception, make more sense when a hammer is used.

    As to kali destruction, an implement in the hand maybe, to end the situation as quickly as possible.

    Did anyone have time to jab after that cross maybe in a ring situation but in real life, this is theory.

    How many moves do you want in an interception, if one does what you need.
  11. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Well...I always think of an interception as something that may do little damage, like a I assume that one will try to take control thereafter.
  12. Sheung

    Sheung New Member

    A stop kick why would you use it surely not upon someone who uses attack by drawing and attack your stop kick, follow through depends upon who think it is his tactical purpose to attack.

    The main thrust of an attack the main weapons must be taken out of commision or it will be used in a different way to achieve the result not anticipated nor stopped by the defender? attacker? one and the same thing.

    So who take control is a matter who uses superior tactics, such as cutting off the main attack, might mean literally in olden times chopping someone head off, no point in control or thereafter the battle goes on.

    If there is your head might be on the line, don,t become fixated upon the next moment until this moment is fully dealt with and cannot cause another moment to cease your moment in time.

    Simple direct and economical and scientific, hesitation and too many move only give someone time to use tactics to re-group and re-attack.
  13. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Teacher Self-Defense Training.

    Maybe it's just me, but some of the description in this article brought JKD to mind:

    Frankly, I think that last move requires a fair amount of training and practice--it's not an easy interception to pull off when you don't know in advance that it's a kick that's going to be coming at you.
  14. Silence_sucks

    Silence_sucks New Member

    straightblast, head butts, knees, elbows

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