Jasper Pugao's VCKE clips

Discussion in 'FMA Videos' started by pguinto, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Jay Jasper Pugao's latest clips featuring the late Sonny Umpad and followers:

    [yt]v4SRWkdZycM[/yt] [yt]5DDxEfx0jbw[/yt]

    [yt]aXN-AHEl-uQ[/yt] [yt]89NLK3js7B0[/yt]

    Thanks for the great clips, JJ. However the previous clips kinda had me hopin for an extra awesome presentation in the manner of the largo and sikaran clips with the buildup, the cool music, as well as the great execution.

    [yt]OtSnmvzFWWs[/yt] [yt]ELWEjSFWGRA[/yt]

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