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Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by R. Mike Snow, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. R. Mike Snow

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    Hello everyone!

    Our Grand Tuhon will be arriving on Tuesday evening and spending a couple of days with Patrick before starting his 2009 Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas Tour at the Wetoskey Academy of Martial Arts in Waterloo, Indiana. If you wish to contact GT Nene, please contact Kennedy's Martial Arts Academy.


    God Bless, Mike
  2. arnisador

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  3. Navadisha

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    Wishing safe travels for GT Nene.
  4. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted to inform everyone that GT Nene has arrived safely and is kicking back, relaxing at Patrick's school in Elk Grove Village. GT say that he cannot wait to see everyone again.

    God Bless, Mike
  5. arnisador

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    Great news!
  6. KMAA

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    Yes, GT Nene Tortal is safe and sound. I would have posted earlier, but we have been on the go since we picked him up at the airport. He will be staying with us for the next couple of days prior to starting his US Tour.
  7. arnisador

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  8. KMAA

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    Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing!

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