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    A few years back we had someone in our PTK group who would always ask the "what if?" question - as in, "what if he did this?" "what if he did that?"

    While "what if?" questions are fine (and necessary) for individual training (at some point you have to ask "What would I do?" (if he did this, etc.) to progress in any art) they disrupt group training for beginners if they are asked over and over (and over, and over...) again. At some point someone would just shout, "Just do the drill!" and the "what if?" questions would subside for a while.

    Our idea for a t-shirt was to have 4-5 "what if?"'s go around in a circle on the front, and a JUST DO THE DRILL! on the back.

    "Shut up and train!" should be a required mantra for any martial artist - along with "No whining!" "Just do the drill!" is optional.


  2. Yep, can see where you're coming from with that one!

    Maybe a "What if I do...OW!!!"

    Here's the other design I thought of with the same back:


    I'll probably make another run at it next year as too many fish to fry at the moment.:(
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    i agree with the "shut up and train" attitude......however there also comes a certain degree of respect to your teacher and art and when someone puts out videos claiming to be something that they are not it should be brought to attention. Mainly for the credibility of your art..And for the respect of the other 2 people who have achieved this level.

    If I said I was a Datu in Modern Arnis and made videos that were clearly not MA, and very few people in the sytem even know of me, then I should expect to be called out.

    As far as so many organizations........ There are 2, PTI and PT-GO.
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    I love the shut up and train motto. I disagree that you have to put somebody on blast if they are claiming to be something they are not. I mean ultimately it will all come out in the wash and I leave the discrediting to the people in charge of the system and that isn't any of us on this forum. Whether or not Mr. Villarreal is legit or not isn't up to us to decide, and to be honest it really doesn't matter. Anyone can go on Youtube and type in pekiti and you can see alot of the top guys doing pekiti and you can measure what they are doing against what Mr. Villarreal is doing to decide what pekiti is or isn't. I mean clearly anybody that has been in pekiti for any amount of time can tell what is pekiti and what is not. I mean there is only one way to throw a 1 or a 2, there is only one way to do a side step etc. Our system (pekiti) is very distinct in the way we move and we have signature things that we do or methodologies as far as training is concerned. Don't get caught up on who is who and who is doing what because when you do that you begin to draw a line in the sand and have the attitude that if so and so isn't doing what I do then it must not be right. PTI and PTGO in my opinion are very similar in their appraoches when it comes to training, and aside from that regardless of whatever people may think Tuhon Gaje is the main source for both organizations. All this political BS needs to stop already and like the T-Shirt says shut up and train!
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    I love the shameless commercialism... really I do. :) LOL I wish I'd thought of it sooner.

    God Bless America! :)
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    Isn't that the Small Circle Jujitsu motto? :D
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    A propos our current conversation, there is a nice post by Tuhon McGrath in the current issue of the Eskrima Digest. I'll quote the last part of the post:

    Good advice for anyone who plans to train tonight, tomorrow, etc.


  8. Sure! Though I'm a Brit in the Phillpines. :)

    Is it?!!! I looked at a webpage full of proverbs and picked one. Will have to check.

    I also made one which said "Train hard, fight easy!" but apparently that is the navy seal's motto and they also took that from somewhere else I think.

    It's difficult to be original!
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    Ummm.. did the Philippines just declare war? Because according to the Philippine Flag Law:
    The full text of the Flag Law can be found here:

    The Philippine Flag is normally displayed like this:


    Apologies for the thread drift.

    Citom (a Filipino in Britain)
  10. Thanks for pointing that out Citom.

    Seems that is quite common to countries. When the union jack is upside down it also means "In distress" though it's much harder to notice!

    It was a problem with wherever I dragged the graphic from originally on google images. The guys who made the proto-types put it on the right way round as they obviously noticed! (hangs head in shame :( )
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    Flying the U.S. flag upside down has occurred quite frequently recently as a form of political protest. Generally those who become upset by this action are unaware that it is legal to do so. It's a classic 1st Amendment quandary.

    Tommy Lee Jones' character in In the Valley of Elah flies the flag upside down to show that he feels that something is wrong with the country.


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    I will at least make you Bat Man because of all the wonderful toys in FMA's! [​IMG]
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    I haven't heard Grand Tuhon speak of this guy ever. I a, sure if he were a tuhon ranking he would have brought up the name and I ave spent a lot of time with grand Tuhon. He has taught a LOT of people over the years. Anyone can maek a claim to have finished a system...I think the head of the system would be the one who knows if that is true or not.

    A lot of years does not make a Tuhon, hours of training and teaching along with some fighting makes a Tuhon...not to mention learning all the aspects of a the system in question.
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    On the contrary it matters very much, the only difference is how we individually decide to handle or express ourselves on the matter, and this discussion is the wash which was initiated by a honest question.

    Yes, but this is only true for those of us that know PTK. To the uninformed, for which there are many, he's another representative of PTK now if by chance you take the time to examine all the PTK videos and then manage to come to the conclusion that there is something quite different between his and the others then a question might be asked but usually to the masses this will just go unnoticed.

    True drawing lines and nit-picking can be harmful and ultimately just a waste of time because in the end we will all continue to do whatever we want to do, but for the purpose of this discussion what he is teaching is just not PTK. So this is so much more than your "1's and 2's don't look exactly like mine so that means your wrong" because as far as what is shown in this video the fundamentals are not even PTK. An example would be his interpretation of the meaning of Pekiti Tirsia meaning "entry", yeah I think not. In my opinion his video and our practice is a difference on fundamentals and mechanics not just slight alterations of form, and if i'm not mistaken fundamentals and mechanics are two huge aspects which differentiates each system/art.
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    What martial arts means to me

    I thought you guys might like to see the whole ED post.

    When I started training in Pekiti-Tirsia, I was just a kid of 14. Back then martial arts meant the world to me and I wanted to be the best martial artist on the planet. My teacher, Tuhon Leo Gaje, was on a pedestal in my mind and I thought of him as a second father and that he could do no wrong. I kind of thought of Pekiti-Tirsia as my country and I was a fanatical patriot on that front.

    I am now 48 years old and between 14 and 48 something amazing happened to me - I grew up.

    With a wife, child, job, mortgage, college and retirement to save for, I now look at martial arts as an enjoyable way to keep in shape physically and mentally. I no longer care if I can beat everyone else on the planet in a fight. I only want to beat those I actually have to fight (and I try to keep those numbers to a minimum). I have been teaching Pekiti-Tirsia for nearly thirty years now, and have met some interesting people, been to some cool places and made some true friends along the way (looking back, that for me has been the best part of the whole thing).

    When I started martial arts, I looked at the art itself as the goal. Nowadays, I look at martial arts as a tool (a really, really cool tool, but still, just a tool) to reach a goal.

    Martial arts are not going to make you Superman, they are not even going to make you Batman. Hopefully, if
    you use them in the right way (and not let them use you), they can make you a better man.

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
  16. Ron Kosakowski

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    I hear ya there Bill. I used to feel the same way. I had to win at all costs against any other martial artist at one time. Now at 50, I train others who have that goal to neat other martial artists. That is a stage we all go through in our learning and training process. It is a stage of development that is typical in a martial artists least those of us that started back in the 60's or 70's and are still serious about it. That mentality paves the way so we can take care of worse case scenarios we can potentially run into in our later years...even if it is against other martial artists.

    As for the not being Bat Man...I have far more wonderful toys than Bat Man has. His may be cooler but at least mine are real! [​IMG]

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