is this REAL?

Discussion in 'Pekiti-Tirsia Kali' started by tanod, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. tanod

    tanod New Member

  2. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    A Kali master teaching Kali in a "Krotty" McDojo? Or a Kali Master that you never heard of?
  3. tanod

    tanod New Member

    kali master that i've never heard off:confused:
  4. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    Oh ok, it's one of those threads again...
  5. tanod

    tanod New Member

    just curious, so i posted it here.
  6. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    He claims to have gotten his Tuhon status from GT Leo Gaje... If you have the contact info of GT Leo Gaje you can ask him yourself... I know GT Leo has a myspace, you can message him there... I've seen it... Maybe I'll add him one day...
  7. tanod

    tanod New Member

  8. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

  9. shinshin02

    shinshin02 New Member

    I'm 99.9% sure he's not authentic.
  10. septs

    septs New Member

    Is that real?
  11. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    I think it is... Ron Kosakowski has him on his list... You can ask him if it's real...
  12. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    No, he is not on any list I have. i never met the man.

    I know he is not a Tuhon under Grand tuhon leo Gaje. To my knowledge, Bill Mcgrath or Phil Gelinas never created a Tuhon level person. Maybe he is one of the PTK offshoots?

    I have met just about every PTK instructor in the world...almost all anyway.
    I noticed he called on Eddie Hunt (eddiedilla) to a challenge in the replys under his video. Me thinks he does not know Eddie well at all. The challenge is with a blade. I think they should keep it to sticks to make it legal. [​IMG]
  13. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    I'm not talking about the McDojo Master... I was talking about Gt Leo's myspace page... Is it real? lol
  14. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Oh sorry...I must have misunderstood the question. Yes, it is real. Rob Walker set it up for him and he pops on to answer questions or make comments. I think everyone in the world is on MySpace. I am even on there -
  15. I don't know him but I've only been around for a while.

    The techniques are not PTK. Not even PTK lite.

    Anyone can make a t-shirt.
  16. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    Well, if he can do it I will too...

    I now appointment myself as the Great Tuhon Grand Master of Phalanx Kali...

  17. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    I am now classifying my self as the GrandMaster of NGOKANDO combat systems. Hell, everyone else is appointing themselves as the head of what ever, why can't I
  18. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    You sure can Bill, and you're welcome to train at my palace anytime. I'm the high priestess of my own system, Rhee Bok Do, and Soke companion system, Nike-Jutsu.

    (You wouldn't think I actually invented a Filipino style, would ya? ;))
  19. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    The proper term for a newly developed filipino style started by a woman should be called:
    Kutsilo lalake nayon. From what I heard this system is notorious in Batangas.

  20. Combative Edge

    Combative Edge New Member

    I met "Master" V. in MD this year. I heard a few people calling him Tuhon so I asked GT Gaje about that.
    No he is not a Tuhon. .. Actually has very little knowledge of the system in general. He trained back in the day with Tuhon for a little while and I guess decided to promote himself now. Tuhon was going to say something to him as a joke about promoting himself but held it back.. would have been funny if he did.

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