Is this how the military trains?

Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by silat1, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Absolutely not. The training in the the seals is just as strenuous as those in the commandos. However, the seals have 300,000,000 million possible to use in there recruitment and the commandos have less than 8,000,000. They cannot present the training and expertise of a group in 1 hr. If the training they presented were true to life it would be much less than that of the U.S. Marines. Elite troops use elite training and that is what makes them special. To think that the isrealis have anything on the americans is like putting a class AAA school against a class D school. They have less of a talent pool and will therefore have less talent. Isreal does not put forth billions to the U.S. and send over experts to the U.S. The U.S. does however send billions in money, technology and experts to israel to train them. These programs are meerly meant to get veiwers. A great program to show how the U.S. marines train is: "Ears" "Open" "Eyeballs" "Click". Any Marine knows those words and exactly what they mean.
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    This thread was started as a way to show case how much the media has corrupted the way the world looks at life.. This tv program is a hypothetical concept of how different combatants would face each other.. As far as the knife demo in this, the NSWG teams are more prone to use the Kabar or any other fixed blade way before they would use a folder.. I think the Israelis sat back and watched the advertisement for the Cold steel recon (which is a POS) get the spotlight.. The Kabar has a lot longer history in its use as a combatives knife.. Hell, I still have the one that was issued to me prior to my first trip overseas back in the day. It has lasted me longer than any Cold steel blade that I have..

    :moon: to cold steel blades
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    I luuvvvvvs my Ka-Bar. Comes in real handy in the woods. Hiking of course. ;)
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    this show never does enough research on there topics
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    What next . . Cheyenne Dog Soldier vs. Kompf Schwimmer Commando. .Who is the Deadliest Warrior ? . . LOL
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    Deadliest Warrior BS

    I am awaiting the Internet Forum Troll versus Armchair Warrior episode. Which is the more deadly weapon--Cheetos or Mountain Dew? Which is the better "Warrior Lair"--Mom's Basement or Couch in front of the big screen TV?
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    The series opening from next season is going to be:
    Boy George vs Rupaul.. Who will be the next Deadliest Warrior
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    Both, in time will kill you deader than a hammer . . LOL...but for a quick kill, it's gotta be the Dew.

    I'm going with the Couch and the Big SCREEN, why you might ask? . . Because my fat ass is parked on one as we speak, watching my 50" samsung and Friday Night Fights . .lol...and no there is no cheetos or dew..but the old lady just made double fudge chocolate brownies....Now that's training! . . .LMAO
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    that would a show worth watching!
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    The most deadlist food is found at the Texas state fair! Choclate fried butter with honey over scrambled eggs fried in butter.
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    So what's your take on the Israelis verses the U.S.? I have trained with former Israeli commandos and am competely unimpressed. They think that they are elite, but I have found their training mediocere at best. Our Israeli expert was learning from us and not teaching us. Their hydration methods are the best I have ever seen. It's what won them the war in Egypt. However, their tactics and weapons knowledge leave much to be desired. If you want to train with the best, you have to have the best trainers and weapons in the world. There is only one place you can find both.
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    The US of A has top notch troops no doubt (RANGERS, SF, SEALS, RECON, PJ's etc) but so does other places..the boys at Herefordshire (SAS) SBS, Royal Marine Commandos, 1st Paras, GS-G9, 2nd REP, Kompfschwimmers etc. these guys all have the goods....I was fortunate to get to work with Kompfschwimmers and 1st Paras when I was in the service...they are some hard chargers. I'm just happy none of these bad boys are hunting my ass.......
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    i heard next season they'll have "the most interesting man in the world" vs. "the old spice guy"... i wonder who can pull that off??? haha..

    if you ask me, my money is on Chuck Norris...

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    It depends. My buddy from the marines went to israel, and while some units were ehh, he said some, especially those on the settlement are badass mofos.

    And that was coming from someone who served in Task Force Tarawa/ Second Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq
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    Typically all military forces the world over have rudimentary hand to hand, blunt and edged weapons training. Few go beyond the very basics in those areas.
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    The US military is behind the times as far as combatives teaching.. The army and Marine corps are the only branches of the service that actually still teaches it as part of their training.. The Navy and Air Force are barely teaching people how to use firearms and you can forget the use of knives and batons unless you are in a special designation unit which even at that limits the training with the knives.. It is people who go out on their own dime or bring people in to do seminars for additional training in the normal day to day aspects of the military that gets the additional tools for their survival.

    I can count on one hand the number of individuals who I have had the opportunity to train with which actually taught military personnel skills that would be practical in a real world situation.. I had one incident where I had attended a cqb class where the instructor was dictating utilizing high kicks with a ruck sack on.. I was headed for the door before he even demonstrated on application..

    I had another experience where a guy said he was teaching combat arnis, so when I went to check out his class, it just turned out to be nothing more than an aerobic class with the twirling of sticks.. He was shut down real quick due to the lack of interest..

    The military does offer training in cqb, but for the most part, people go out on their own dimes and pay for the classes then bring them back and work the group with the applications they learned..
  18. Somethings come up that makes this topic of great interest to me....

    To change the discussion slightly I wonder if you would all be so kind to contribute what you would like to see in a hand-to-hand / blade / etc combat manual aimed at military type personal.

    Are there any books out there that I can get hold to reference the format?

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I've started the new one here:

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    I agree with Bill. Very few units, not to say general armies are willing to invest serious time and funds into hand to hand combat, knife tactics... There is also a problem of time as soldiers are deported to different missions around the world and as soon as they start seriously picking up the material, they leave.

    This are actual Slovenian military special forces ESD (Enota za Specialno Delovanje) and parts of their trainings and demos they did in the past. It is heavly influenced by FMA, adopted for their needs, equipement they use, types of missions they perform ... There is no real time to polish their skills, thus aggression is used to substitute the lack of training :)

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