is fma to deadly for mma?

Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by swordexperiment, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. swordexperiment

    swordexperiment New Member

    is that why no eskrimadors go against other martial arts in unarmed combat? is it because its to deadly to fight other martial artist with? So how do you defend yourself when attacked unarmed?
  2. jspeedy

    jspeedy Member

    Sweet! Great topic! Good thing there aren't already 50 other threads you said the same thing in. Yes fma is too deadly. Why? Death matches! How do i defend myself unarmed? The real question is how do badguys unarmed defend against me? Am i right!? Death matches!
  3. zipbolang

    zipbolang New Member

    Well thats 3 questions in one, and each could easily fill a small book! 1st: I think its because of humility and respect they don't actively seek out "going against" anyone if they can help it. 2nd: It is a deadly art, but so are other arts applied correctly with the right person. 3rd: As Hock Hochhiem used to tell me "Cheat First Cheat Last Cheat in the Middle"..
  4. Crafty Dog

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