IPMAF Training Camp Dates?

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    Can anyone give me the exact dates for the 2011 camp in PI? Just trying to plan ahead for the trip and reserve dates. Thanks!
  2. 23 April 2011 Saturday: All participants check-in Manila.
    24 April 2011 Sunday: Air flight to Negros; overland to Training Camp.
    25 April 2011 Monday: Start of training!
    07 May 2011 Saturday: End of training! Certificates of Completion awarded.
    08 May 2011 Sunday: Return flight to Manila.

    For more info and registration, you can go to this website: http://www.kombatan.org/ipmafcampreservations2011.htm
    or contact GMs Tim Hartman and/or Rick Manglinong.
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    Thank you!

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