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  1. Brock

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    I usually have to turn them down for the same reason. Either that or my atypical funds. I actually had to turn down the PA Pekiti-Tirsia event because my budget is a little streched this month, but hope to make an event soon.
  2. Gentlemen ,

    I have made a point that my seminars must accesible be to all who desires for a change. After the King of Prussia I have Maryland , a land that all will be Merry and Bright. November 10-11 look at the seminar schedules.

    If there is time to love there is to for everything . We welcome you at Maryland Apolos Karate School.

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  3. Next weekend I will be at New York City at Simon Burgess Muy thai and Taekwondo School at 18th and Broadway. Ask for Simon Brugess web sites or call Tim Waid 214-882 -5474
  4. After New York City I will be at Salt Lake city for the Special Forces 19th Group Utah command center and a seminar for all.

    Contact: Jared Wihongi or web site
  5. Sheldon Bedell

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    The invitation to attend the seminars was a generous one and one that most likely would be a true learning experience, to say nothing of just the fact that you get to meet face to face and know whom you are addressing across the internet. Meeting and training with someone can be worthwhile for may reasons besides just learning a new technique, the personal contact may lead to a deeper understanding of how and why a person thinks and you also get a glimpse of what the person may be like as a person

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