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  1. Heartily, I am inviting all administrators of the FMA to attend my seminars in the areas that you can be comfortable. Once you are in the area and your presence is identified, we have a special gift for you.

    We want that you will have the first hand visual evaluations of what is the original, traditional and indigenous system of true kali as practiced by our forefathers many hundreds of years. We want you to make a comparative analysis so that what ever your judgment in each material presented in the FMATALk you will understand what is correct and what is not correct.

    This next weekend I will be Valley Forge Covention Center at Pen. Saturday and Sunday an 8 hour seminar each day. Our Theme is " Not the number of years but the Number of hours" you learn as fast you never know.

    Many come and go trying everything that is in the market of martial Arts hoping that what is collected can be a part of the skills developed for fighting.That initiative is a good sign of development , however if not guided in a correct perspective what has been collected may not be useful after all.

    Just like anything else, the foundation is the root of progress . If the foundation is weak then it can be
    toppled down alike the tower of Babel.

    Pekiti-Tirsia is system not a style. It has the software and the hardware but it has also the keyboard that can motivate the system to be functional,. operable and non-counterable.Mastery on the key board is the Pekiti-Tirsia way of Education. If you master the keyboard you can construct or destroy
    what is envisoned defined by your objectives.

    Please don't take my invitation as a means to convince any of you or convert you to what you believe but it is right for you to see and maybe join the seminar so that we will be delighted to teach you what you want us to correct.People from so many distances comes to my seminar because in their judgment I can help them to improve what has been missing for so many years in their practices of martial arts.

    We may also learn from any of you specially you have the opportunity to study from other Masters specially in the FMA. They may have secrets that can help to improve what is missing.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Gt Gaje

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  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    This is very kind of you!
  3. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Kinda makes me wanna be an Admin.
  4. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    That is a very kind and very generous offer sir! It would be an honour to meet you and train with new friends in the arts.
  5. langgaw

    langgaw New Member

    It would also be nice if you attend Mr Hartman's seminar too and maybe Quote "help improve what has been missing for so many years in their practices of martial arts." unQuote. I just thought of that now. Woundn't that be historical and promotional realtive to FMA as a whole? That would be a first and imagine training and meeting with new friends in the arts ( as Carol Kaur said).
  6. Why don't you attend my seminar

    I know Tim Hartman and I don't know you. why not attend my seminar. don't push other people . If you want to tell people to jump into the river you be the first to jump. So you are welcome in my seminar, someone is eager to meet you specially in the Pekiti-Tirsia group. They will be glad to have you around and I allow you to teach them what you know.They really have many things to learn from someone like you who can discuss very well in the fma talk and have a good understanding in English. You must be an English Major. Mostly of us are only high school graduate. Really your English is very good so keep writing so we can learn your English.Our English is broken English and sometimes it is Taglish.
  7. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I don't believe GT Gaje was trying to start a fight or insult anyone by saying "help improve what has been missing for so many years in their practices of martial arts." He was merely pointing out that what he has to offer may be added to your current training and that he's not asking anyone to convert to his art, but to train with him with an open mind and see what it is that he has to bring to the table as an instructor. Please remember that for some of our posters English isn't their fist language so the may not be able to word what they want to say exactly as they mean it.
  8. langgaw

    langgaw New Member

    Brock....... that much I understand. And with regards the invitation, I am trying hard to change my sked to take you up on your offer. I'll be glad to share my skills .....English too?
    BTW............I am not pushing other people nor am I telling them what to do, I am merely suggesting.
  9. That is good you have the skill. So it is excellent idea that one of my guys can train with you. Or if you can be in Manila tell us where you are so that we can invite you in our get together.

    We have the Test of Skill on February 12,2008 at the Fort Bonifacio. Indicate when you can come so that we can have someone meet you at the airport. You are more than Welcome. I will advice the Manila Ptk Pitbulls to Welcome you.
  10. Ventura

    Ventura -== Banned ==-

    :EvilGrin: Oh yeah... I wish I could be there for the welcome.
  11. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Admin. Note.

    Is the implication that this is a threat?

    -FMAT Admin
  12. Ventura

    Ventura -== Banned ==-

    The welcome will be very loving I'm sure. :lookaroun

    Anisador, if you're ever in the L.A. area look me up. I invite you to my class. I have a special gift for you in appreciation for all the work that you do here.
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  13. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Come on guys, I was trying to avoid all of the fighting by pointing out that the initial post was a very nice and polite invite for the Admins to train. Then someone else seemed to want to come along and start trouble by using the fact that the initial post was made by someone using English as 2nd language and was unable to find the "right" wording to make the exact point he was tying to make. Which it seems to have started. It's all very childish, especially since GT seems to have been making the initial offer out of appreciation and not as combative jesture. I usually try to stay out of this stuff, but it's starting to get on my nerves when everyone here has so much to ofer in the way of FMA knowledege, but many of these discussions begining to degrade into trash talk and veiled threats. Yeah, I know "Don't read it then." but the problem with that is you start reading a nice thread with valuable content and then it all goes to crap 'cause someone with a personal grudge has to start poking the hornets nest.

    I appoligize to the Adminitrators in advance for anything I may have just started by this post, but this has been bothering me for awhile and I hate to see a forum this good go to the toilet or have knowledgable people turn away from it because of tis type of behavior.
  14. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    Maybe I'll just get rid of the PTK section.

    Tim Hartman
    Site Owner!
  15. Vols1

    Vols1 New Member

    Why? That would be an overreaction.
  16. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    We're concerned about the level of heat here. We have to err on the side of caution as we read the rhetoric here. I doubt anyone would engage in a physical challenge in the U.S. if only due to legal concerns, but the site simply can't be used for a possible challenge.

    Please, help us keep this forum for discussion of the art!

    -FMAT Admin
  17. truth_be_told

    truth_be_told -== Banned ==-

    kumusta tim,

    my Empathy with you (on your sentiments)

    rarely it seems one FMA school crosses into the other.

    For those that do

    Inosanto Academy, IPMAF, ARMAS etc. where a genuine true Welcome is Warmth Welcome.

    My salute to these org.

    Other Welcomes, Caveat Emptor.
  18. langgaw

    langgaw New Member

    .......I concur Mr. Arnisador. Bow to you and Mr Hartman.....I don't think there is a heated challenge here and besides the rhetorics are mature ........If there was a challenge, I will decline only because it is unnecessary and immature. and Brock said it all...sometimes mayroon lang talagang mapipikon... and that is perfectly normal...I can take GT's invitation but for him to request my presence in Manila with his pitbullsh, that would be a stupid thing to do on my part......They would skin me alive in there on the pretext of some gifts .... That is how it is. Most often those that are not involve will conveniently partakeon the occasion even if it is not hteir issue. Katuwaan lang and to make it appear na matigas sila....(and that their art is good) numbers ,...yes but in da pilipins, blind followers lang ang titira sa iyo at titirahin kapa sa likod and for what ...? Right now I can not trust even GT's word because he can not control his dogs. Me takot? no I'm not ....just careful. I apologize for being so hearty and suggestive. My teachers just trained me to ask and question when you don't understand and to speak out ones mind just like GT speaking out his thoughts in jibbering or jazzying manner. I just find his posts ( refrain from describing). Again , if there was a challenge, then it is declined and I agree to just get rid of the PTK section. My apologies once more.
  19. viejo

    viejo New Member

    This are the kind of sentences that make all good turning bad....he is sugesting here that they will welcome him as everybody is thinking of course...and not a warm welcome...

    Im sure when GT Gaje invite the Admin here to visit his Seminar he did it because he really maybe wants to share his style with all of you...why not. IM not PKT but I find still intersting what GT Gaje is saying although I dont understand allways all what he is to close all just because of some people going amok its a bit exagerated for me....
  20. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    As far as I can tell, the invitation from Grand Tuhon was sincere. A similar invitation was extended to us privately by another person in PTK before Grand Tuhon made his post.

    Unfortunately for me I have sometimes had to turn down events that I don't want to turn down due to my atypical work schedule. But, still hope to catch Tuhon as soon as possible.

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