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    Here's a unique perspective on real world combat from someone well respected in their field.

    From conflicts in Panama to war in Iraq. Navy SEAL Michael Jaco has employed his powers of perception and awareness to save his life and the lives of his fellow SEALs.

    In his book The Intuitive Warrior, Jaco recounts the mentally and physically demanding training required of members of one of the most elite Special Forces units, and how intuition developed during that training can be learned and applied by anyone.

    There's also a brief mention of FMA based training:

    Excerpt from Page 92:
    " I was involved with Sayoc Kali blade fighting toward the latter part of my career as a SEAL. This martial training took me to a far higher level of awareness as a warrior...."

    Available on Amazon

    Amazon has it on pre-order status, but it is available here as well:

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