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Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by NAGA, May 21, 2012.

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    Hello all,
    I was asked an interesting question via email about the D.T.S. ready position, however I think my written reply only confused the person further. So.. I very soon will be putting up pictures with captions too explain in some detail the what and Why of the D.T.S. ready position. Since there seems to be interest and it really needs too be expoused upon.

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    I received the same question a couple of weeks back and referred the answer to relay my training before I started with Dekiti.. I also confirmed the response with several of the dts guys in manila and got various answers as it seemed to be a personal preference in the way the blade is held
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    The responses should be interesting. I have heard sevel different answers and they all seem to make sense. Im no expert on DTS, in fact my base FMA is PTK. I have however, for the past 2 years done incredible amounts of research on the art as i absolutely love the footwork and the emphasis on attacking the weapon holding limb as opposed to the stick itself. The blade methodology of DTS is awesome. I have future plans to go to Negros Occidental to train with GM Tortal and hopefully that happens sooner than later.

    The only thing that put me off about DTS is their 'ready position' with the left foot forward and the checking hand slightly extended to the front and the stick chambered above the shoulders. Caveman stance in Dog Brothers terms and a big no no from the way i have been trained. I do see however, after speaking with many DTS exponents, that its more of a baiting stance because the counters from that stance are usually jamming/closing techniques going on the inside. There is also one i have witnessed to the outside which is similar to a cruzada. I do know DTS is an illongo art, and illongo styles place alot more emphasis on power strikes than the cebuano ones...perhaps due in part to the heavier blades used in that region. Note: see Lightning Scientific Arnis...another illongo art... They have similar footwork to the DTS hakban piwas (i believe they call that footwork method cambio) and they also tend to chamber the stick above the shoulders (abierta). There are lots of similarities between those two arts...theyd complement each other seamlessly in my opinion. Anyways im rambling. I was the one to ask that question after all. Happy training!
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    I have been training with Guro John Bednarski for 3 years now and I believe he would tell you that the over the shoulder ready position isn't a fighting position but more of a law enforcement start position. He is the best one to clarify this, but when we train, the blade is forward, vertical to the ground, with the left hand just slightly not as far out as the blade. The perpendicular position of the blade limits attacks coming at you from your right, as well as other reasons. I think I have heard that the on the shoulder blade position is used as a bait, and it that is also used as the defensive position of law enforcement students of DTS. The best source for this discussion is, of course, John. I think he has been training with GM Tortal for well over 12 years or longer and is the best authority here for DTS, outside of GM Tortal. If you would like to meet him in person our club is hosting the Pacific Island Gathering August 4th here in chicago. Come out and I am sure he and the other FMA guru's would enjoy fielding any and all questions from the curious. Other wise, e-mail, he goes by NAGA here on FMAtalk, and started the thread. Happy training.:)

    Fewskivie, if you want to save a little time and money, and get hands on training in DTS a little sooner, come out to Chicago some time for a few days, we would be glad to have you and share DTS methodology with you. It would be a lot of fun, without needing a passport.:)
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    John was my introduction into the dekiti system also.. we had met a couple of times prior to my studying with him and most recently at a blade seminar where one of my students was one of the sponsors.. I gave a basic blade course from the sinko tiros eskrima system that I teach and John was one of my training partners.. He and I started playing around with our various systems during the presentation of one of the other instructors and when comparing notes, it turned out that we had more in common as far as training then most of the other instructors.. I started working with John in the Balintawak and sinko tiros systems of eskrima that I had learned from my instructor in the Philippines and after this, we started getting together and training at least once or twice a week at the kodenkan school near Midway.. It was also during this time that I had met GM Nene and have continued my training within the DTS system.. So far I haven't looked back yet and my affiliate groups in the Philippines have expressed a desire to learn the dekiti system and become affiliated with it in the Pampanga region of the Philippines.. Going back in July to check on the status and if the interest is viable before I make a big leap into the training of dekiti there
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    Thanks guys and a little longer post with photos will be coming soon.....


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