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    I posted this on MT:

    Insider Training on fitTV

    While trying to locate an episode of Deadly Arts on fitTV I came across Insider Training, which appears to be a series on athletic training by athletes in various sports. This episode is about Jean Jacques Machado and explains the history and methods of BJJ competition, then focuses on his weight training, cardiovascular work, etc., routine, including interviewing at length his personal trainer Flavio DeOliverira about how he trains him. The first 15 minutes on an overview of BJJ was interesting; the rest on his intensive physical training to support his BJJ efforts was also of interest in that everyone knows it's going on but you rarely see such a detailed piece on the particulars of his weight training, cardiovascular work (beyond what he gets from actually grappling), etc. They did return to discussing actual BJJ competition later in the show. Gabrielle Reece was the host. Worth checking out!
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    None of the other episodes of this show have caught my attention so far--this week it's football--but this one was good!
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    I saw the one with Jean Jaque and it was very good. He truly is a great athlete and having met him I can say he is a very nice person as well. [​IMG]

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