Inosanto Kali's Tribal Heritage

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    Hi can i start by saying hi to everyone as this is my first posting. Its funny that my first post would be related to a style i do not study lol.
    Im from the UK and the lacoste/inosanto blend kali is rare here, in fact any eskrima here is rare.

    My question is with regards to the tribal weapons used in inosanto kali, in particular the use of the spear, shield, axes and archery. Ive seen footage of inosanto blend kali practitioners dressed in very elegant tribal clothing using shields and spears which i believe can only have been influenced by the tribes of sulu/mindanao, however i am not entirely sure!

    ive done a bit of research into fma and i find that apart from a few styles such as san miguel, there are hardly any which use the authentic tribal weapons and even these have a certain spanish influence and are based on alot of speculation ie: dos manos ilustrisimo style (based on the use of the kampilan).

    So my question is how can the inosanto blend surface in america with a full tribal weapons syllabus, when in the philippines it would appear to be lost? where did he get his knowledge of these weapon systems? i dont question his expertise in the field of fma, he is a pioneer and a legend. Is Dan keeping the tribal origins a secret? Ill be really greatful if anyone could give me the lowdown because i would really like to incorporate these weapon systems in my own training, and would appreciate any direction even some tribal contacts. With regards to myself im by no means an expert in fact im very new, My systems are Doce pares multi style and kalis ilustrismo!

    Many thanks
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    I don't know much about this; in the JKD I study, it's just stick and dagger (Paul Vunak's lineage). You might look at these threads:
    Filipino Archery?
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    Probably the first group to use the costumes in question was the Villibrille Largusa line which Guru Dan was influenced by at the time. Its pretty much become the standard western FMA outfit.
    Sulu and Mindanao aren't the only areas that use the spear, the Cordilleras for example.

    Are not weapons from Spanish occupied areas authentic?
    I don't think use of lumad and bangsamoro weapons is lost, go insult a Tausug, Bagabo or Igorot and we'll see if they're still in use. Actually the favorite Tausug weapon may be an armalite...

    I do think these weapons have little to do however, with what is called FMA, and question those who pops up claiming lineage to them.

    BTW, Inosanto blend didn't was handed down from many sources and has changed over the years as different influences have been incorporated.

    The "tribal weapon syllabus" is from Jaunito Locoste who if you look at interviews was a difficult figure to get straight awnsers from. Usually people call the "syllabus" the "12 areas of kali".
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    Hi Daddyboy,
    "Im from the UK and the lacoste/inosanto blend kali is rare here, in fact any eskrima here is rare."

    I wouldn't say it's that rare, I'd say FMA in the UK is definetly on the up with teachers such as PG Peter Lewis, Tuhon Pat O'malley, Shamim Haque and GM Danny Guba to name a few !

    "My systems are Doce pares multi style and kalis ilustrismo"

    Good to see another Ilustrisimo player ! I take it you study with Shamim Haque ? I've heard from many sources he is a excellent instructor and a great guy.



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