Inosanto Kali and Sayoc Kali

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    You will walk away from Guro Dan with something you probably can use--and use it RESPONSIBLY. A lot of people have to go with the SHOCK factor by presenting things as brutally as possible. You can't blame them--that's what sells! Guro Dan is THE most knowledgeble person of the FMA in the world---BAR none.

    He is simply a terrible businessman. There are those who will say that "oh he just loves the art and wants to share it wihout exploiting the art" and they may be speaking some truth to the matter. But then again, to be 71 years old and touring the world to make $1500 a weekend is pretty exhausting even for an awesome physical specimen like Guro Dan. He could have easily established a chain of schools and retired happily as a millionaire---instead, everyone else is using his name and endorsement to become wealthy. But no, he is too humble and again, not a good businessman.

    I've trained in both systems. IMHO there is NO comparison! Plus, most FMA utilizes the stick as a training tool. Most experts agree, you kind of have to. Even the Sayocs did, then changed to "All Blade All the Time" and then came out with a Stick Grappling DVD!!!

    Without learning the stick first, it is more challenging to learn and practice the concepts of Range, Angling, Positioning, Timing, Fluidity,etc. I'm sure that people can argue this point, but the fact of the matter is Guro Dan teaches CONCEPTS that become muscle memory. There is a HUGE difference between that and ROTE memory!

    You see, most of what Guro Dan teaches can easily be translated into blade work. In fact, most FMA can. It is simply the American Way to eat "Fast Food" ---they want things yesterday!!! So again, that's what sells! In a Capitalist Society that is all that matters, regardless of the Cult like status that it creates!

    No comparison. Train in both find out for yourself.

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    I would have to agree with this in that Dan is the type of person that likes to learn he has worked with so many people more than one person can encounter in one life!

    The humble factor is one of the things that has always impressed me by about dan. He again wants to learn and you can see it in the way he performs and shares info. I think we all have seen the oppsite in people, meaning those that show and have no interest if "you" get it. He is one of a kind and there well never be another like him just as there will never be another copy of you or me. I can understand when he has to battle back and makes statements to counter people making negative statements about him....even the most patient person can only take so much.

    Learning weapons first definitely forces you to move and experience things you dont with empty hand work. You can see it in those who have really put in time with their training....its in how they move their body and you can see it.

    ughh....the crazy world of MA.
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    I often wonder how I'd move if I had initially started in the FMA rather than switching to it from Karate! I still have some left-over Karate movements and biases.
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    Hi Arnisador,

    I started in karate myself, but also went into FMA a few years later! (Still love the old karate and traditional arts)

    I am always amazed at the skill that Manong Dan puts out, never mind the amount of knowledge he has and continues to share with the world. Something I think we should all take away from his experience: Never Stop Training or Learning!

    Guro Steve L.
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    Yes, a great message to take away from his life story! Seeing him start BJJ at his advanced age was very inspiring to me.

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