Inosanto and Pekiti Tirsia

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    I have heard that Inosanto teaches or studied Pekiti Tirsia. Does he teach pekiti tirsia separately? Does he teach it at all? Is it sort of weaved into his blend or how does that work?
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    This Is a prefect question for Tuhon Gelinas to answer.
    He is a Full Inst Under Guru Dan. plus a tuhon under Tuhon Gaje.

    Can't wait to see some answer's.
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    Guro Dan started studying Pekiti Tirsia with Tuhon Gaje through seminars and private training in the early 80s (I think that's right, someone who's been around longer can correct me). He doesn't teach Pekiti Tirsia separately, at least since I've been training with him (since the mid 90s)

    He will reference elements of Pekiti Tirsia as part of his personal blend, but he tells people to go train with Tuhon Gaje if they want Pekiti Tirisa. That's pretty much what he does with any FMA style he's studied, he tells his students to go train with that instructor if they're interested.

    In seminars, he's mentioned that Pekiti Tirsia had a big impact on his approach to knife training. I've seen him teach Dikit drills, Qol Demama drills and some stick grappling from Pekiti Tirsia. There's probably more that he's blended in that I haven't seen. It has a pretty prominent place in his style along with Ilustrisimo style, Lacoste style, and Giron style and a few others. He still trains with Tuhon Gaje as far as I know.
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    I cannot talk exactly for this question, but from several seminar tapes of guro Dan that I have I haven't exactly seen anything that could be readily described as PT. However, if you take a look of guro Ron Balicki's defensive Edge videos, you'll see some definitive Pekiti influences in his knife work. Still, I am not sure whether these came from his training under PG Sulite of guro Dan.

    In fact, I also have a recording of some PTK seminar from early 1990s (I'd say) with GT Gaje, but also featuring Dan Inosanto showing some silat, as well as Eric Knauss and Marc Denny promoting their approach to FMA. Hell, I even think there is PG Sulite somewhere in there, but I am not absolutely sure, due to not-so-great quality of the recording... Anyway, I strayed away from the topic, sorry.
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    Dan Inosanto and Pekiti Tirsia Kali

    Dan Inosanto is listed as a National Director in Tuhon William McGrath's Pekiti Tirsia International organization:

    He received his Magino'o Guro rank from GT Gaje in 1988.


    Steve Lamade
  6. Guro Dan has had so many influences in the FMA that it is difficult to separate where one begins and the other ends. I know that he has worked extensively with GT Gaje, he even came to my school in Montreal for a seminar with him when GT Gaje returned to North America in the early part of this decade.

    I actually learned quite a bit of PTK from him as Tuhon Gaje used to pour technique into him for hours at end. Kind of neat to see it come out sometimes. The reality is that Guro Dan is a fully realized instructor who interprets everything he receives through his own unique filters. This results in a different version of just about everything he does.

    You wouldn't really expect anything different would you?
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    Pekiti-Inosanto blend

    From my experience with training with both Guro Inosanto throught seminars and training camps and Ron Balicki which I am ceritfied as a intermediate student level 1 and my training as a Lanka Guru in Pekiti Tirisa and with Tuhon Gaje and other practitioners of Pekiti Tirisa. I see many Pekiti Tirsia concepts and principles blended into Inosanto/Lacosta Blend. Guro Inosanto does not teach just one system. He tells us the there is no one art that has it all in the filipino or any art.
  8. Pekiti-Tirsia and Guro Dan Inosanto

    I always address Philip as King Philipp because had it not been for King Philipp of Spain there was no Philippines. So King Philipp is correct in his evaluations. But let me have a good analysis on Dan's objectives.

    For many long years my meeting with Dan was more of a long friendship rather than a student , teachers relationship. Our constant association in California at his school in Torance and his coming to the first PTK Camp in Big Spring Texas to New York City and to Pensylvania four seasons and in Chicago and other forgotten events, we made our friendship real and sincere. As a matter of fact many had been jealous to both of us for the kind of friendship we had. All those years I never asked Dan to be my representative neither I have told him to teach pekiti-tirsia. I had given him the freedom to do what he thinks was right or what his evaluation of the system.It is true he studied PTK but I believe I added his knowledge on the Filipino art and as a filipino American whose obsession is to know the true filipino culture, having PTK as his most understood system DAn Can't help it but to teach PTK or incorporate PTK to what he thinks is useful. Regardless what influence he had with PTK , the fact that in his heart and in his mind he know I help him to understand what true filipino culture is all about.

    As appreciation on the use of Kali is more than enough for everyone to appreciate and admire his devotion to the culture. And whatever method of teaching he has done in relation to Filipino , he deserves respect for that act.

    Dan's way to interpret it in the way the act of free interpretation can be doing good to serve the purpose in producing a great warrioir then he knew that he is teaching the true culture. But if the result is not a true filipino warrior spirit then the teaching needs more hardening for a longer time.

    Think like a wise man but act like a deadly mamba
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    Well said, Tuhon!
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    Thanks for the clarification Tuhon.

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