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    We are trying to get Guru Bruce Ogle's IKS group going again. This includes finding a venue for classes, getting insurance, and also, getting 40 years of class and seminar tapes archived and backed up. We've created a crowdfunding site for this purpose.

    For anyone who doesn't know Guru Bruce, he started studying with Guru Inostanto in the early 80s and Sifu Hartsell and Pendekar Suwanda in the later 80s. A more humble man, I have never come across. He has always been willing to share what he knows - he still does. He's currently living in Indonesia, having married a woman who me met while after being introduced by a member of the Suwanda family.

    Anyway, we are trying to reinvigorate the IKS group and get it ready to pass along to the next generation of students and ensure that the teachings of Guru Bruce are passed along and continue to thrive long after we are all gone. Thanks so much everyone and have a wonderful day!

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