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Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by long range, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. long range

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    I was looking over some of the KDM of Inayan Eskrima and wondered if it has influenced any of the Mano-Mano curriculum of DAV?

    Can anyone help on this?

    Long Range.
  2. Charlie

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    I have talked to a few Inayan practitioners and they say that it is from Max Sarmento (sp?) who was a student of Grand Master Angel Cabales I have asked GM Vincent Cabales about him and he said he knew some hand stuff that he picked up. This is all I know.
  3. Charlie

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    After further discussion with some Inayan Players Max Sarmiento knew some empty hand techniques, as did Grandmaster Angel Cabales, and Grandmaster Gilbert Tieno, and that KDM which was not named by any of the grandmasters it just fell under escrima but it is put together from these grandmasters and probable other ones. If you look at any of the old Serrada Escrima players they all have their own version of KDM Master Tacosa who also trained with Max Sarmiento utilizes a lot of Elbow techniques, Master Dentoy Revilar utilizes a lot of close range hits and joint take downs. Grandmaster Cabales uses more direct hits I think it is an empty hand system that was created by years of training with different people.

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