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Discussion in 'FMA Videos' started by Captain Jack Sparrow, Apr 18, 2006.

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    The bolo is pretty much the weapon of choice in the philippines. People get into arguments and get "hacked" quite regularly there. I think this is more a symptom of everyone having bolos because they use them for working, than it is because of escrima. Naturally FMA would use bolos because they are so readily available. Just my two cents. They really use them for everything.

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    History repeats itself, .38 revolvers do not stop bolo weilding Pilipinos going jurumentado.

    Just think, how history would go down if the assasination was sucessful.

    any Thoughts?
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    Look closely and you'll see that Marcos got her right hand on the guy's wrist/forearm and slowed down the first thrust. That one would have made all the difference if it had gone through all the way. The momentum pushed Marcos back and down and although the guy got in (it's hard to see) maybe one more thrust when she was on the floor, and some slashes to her arms (defensive wounds) there was enough confusion and bodies in the way for her to survive.


    Steve Lamade
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    Interesting! I'll have to see if I can find a link to a news story on it--I don't recall the incident. What was the year of the attack?
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    You should check out the movie Imelda. They show the clip and then Imelda talks about the attack. She says “How could anyone want to kill me with such an ugly thing like a bolo?” and then goes on to say she wished he had put a pretty ribbon or some color on it first. The whole movie makes her look pretty crazy. I saw her in Makati and got a picture taken with her, she seemed nice enough for a rich old lady.

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    Marcos attack



    P.S. When I was first learning FMA's, I heard a teacher say to one of his students that Marcos survived the attack because she had studied FMA for a little while. I have no idea if this is true or not; however, the quote given above from the movie "Imelda" would argue against it: I mean, how could you study FMA's and think that bolos were ugly?
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    Imelda knew nothing 'bout FMA, she survived becoz the attacker was simply nuts!
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