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    This pass year I had the distinct opportunity to visit Grandmaster Richard Bustillo's training center in Torrence,CA. His facility was very spacious and had alot of history through his wall of fame. It was if the walls were talking. Pictures of many masters cover his walls. The minute you walk through the doors you can feel the energy. The main training area felt historic with the portrait of Bruce Lee hanging in the center of the mirrored wall. While touring the facility I noticed a banner hanging in the boxing room. I could'nt help to notice the the influences that help start the Kali Academy a year after Bruce Lees death. I will always remember the day of the visit.

    Thanks GM Bustillo

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    Thats awesome Greg, did you get in any training with Richard Bustillo or the class. He came back to Hawaii this year I believe, unfortunately I was working - blech.
  3. greg808

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    Yes, Regional Chief Chaz and I actually had the opportunity to jump into his Doce Pares class. At first it seemed a little different, but after a while we started to pick up the flow. Occasionally GM Bustillo will visit us at our school. He is a walking legend and packs alot of knowledge.
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    Speaking of Mr. Bustillo:
    Galing Pinoy: A Pinoy Fighting Master

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    I trained there from 1987 - 1990, the experiance was awsome, it is truly a great school and GM is very kind and friendly. I structure a lot of my classes like his PHASE classes from the late 80's.

    God Bless
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    What's PHASE?

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