Ilustrisimo in Toronto, Canada?

Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by jpr1mo, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. jpr1mo

    jpr1mo New Member

    ..just wondering if there is anyone teaching in Toronto, Canada?
  2. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Hello kapatid,

    In Master Suanico's bio, it mentioned that his Instructor Mang Gerry "Nonoy" Gallano immigrated to toronto, here is the link of the kali academy site:

    Mang Nonoy should have a school or at least students that he passed the art. This is the only thing i can think of.

    You can always contact Guro Sonny paddilla for more info about this, but personally i have not heard of a bakbakan bracnh in toronto.

    Hope this helps a little.
  3. medic

    medic Junior Member

    There is no longer a Bakbakan branch in TO. Vince is now out east and Mr. Villardo does not teach anymore.
  4. jpr1mo

    jpr1mo New Member

    Thanks for the info guy.. so i guess there's no one teaching KI in Toronto.. that sucks
  5. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    There's other FMAs there even if not the one you had hoped for, and always lots of action in Buffalo!
  6. jpr1mo

    jpr1mo New Member

    I hope I find a way to contact Mang Gerry Gallano..
  7. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member


    Have you tried contacting Guro Sonny? it is best to contact them through phone than e-mail, especially if they have a class that day.

    Arnisador is right too, there are excellent FMA schools down there, unless you’re just looking for something different to add to what you already know. But if your just starting out you should at least try out some schools down there. Its just my opinion.

    Hope you find what your looking for kapatid.
  8. Black Grass

    Black Grass Junior Member


    Hi I am current living in Collingwood, ON. I head to Toronto fairly regularly ( was there last week). I represent Master Christopher Ricketts in Canada as well as Bakbakan.

    Please feel free to contact me.

    Kali Ilustrisimo USA
    Bakbakan International
    JKD Family
  9. Sicilian

    Sicilian New Member

    Hi Vince,

    I'm leaving for Toronto next year. Looking forward to hooking up with you guys. Pls give my regards to Master Tups and Bruce. Heard Bruce is following on my footsteps as a chef. :)


    Toby Reyes
  10. Tagis-Talim

    Tagis-Talim Tagis-Talim

    Bakbakan-Kali Ilustrisimo in Toronto

    To all my fellow Filipino Martial Artists,

    I just want to let you know that Bakbakan International has a Chapter in Toronto, Canada. I'm the Regional Director here. I've been a full-fledged member of Bakbakan International since 1995. However, I have been away from active teaching but now I'm back!!! Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Hello to JohnJ(SWACOM) and Vince Bollozos (Black Grass) and to my teacher - Grand Master Rey Galang and to all fellow Kali Ilustrisimo/FMA practitioners here in Canada, USA and elsewhere in the world. God Bless!

    Mabuhay ang Bakbakan-Kali Ilustrisimo!


    Ramon Villardo
    Toronto, Canada
  11. Shawn

    Shawn New Member

    I don't believe Nanoy is actively teaching - though he may still be taking private students. He came out to visit last year when I hosted Dr Jopet Laraya for a seminar on Pronus Supinus Arnis.

    There's still lots of great FMA in Toronto that really is only limited by how much you want to travel. There's Guro Jun DeLeon and his Kali DeLeon system in the East end - he also would likely be able to put you in touch with just about anybody doing FMA in Toronto. There's Rudy Cosico in Parkdale, and a Balintawak group in the West end. There's Sean Tyler's FCS Kali group in Scarboro. Renee Cocolo has a Dog Brother's MA group going as well.

    And really that's just a quick sampling.


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