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    If you are interested in learning some Ilustrisimo Kali and are in the Midwest or better yet Minnesota please check out We are always looking for other training partners. We train at least 2 days a week out of a couple convenient locations. Private lessons are available and are the best way to train this amazing art.

    If you are in Chicago please check out one of our affiliate schools Midway Kodenkan where Guro John Bednarski has a training group for Bahad Zu'bu and also teaches DTS which is another very cool and effective blade art.

    We train Bahad Zu'Bu the art of GM Yuli Romo who was one of the senior students of Tatang (GM Yuli is the guy on the cover of "Secrets of Kali Ilustrisimo") and BZ combines Kali Ilustrisimo with GM Yuli's family style and other arts and skills he learned from his travels around the Philippines.

    Anyway, if you are looking for a unique mix of blade, stick and empty hand hit us up.

    main web site :

    meetup group:

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