IESA Serrada Classes Starting in SF

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    Starting May 1st Professor-Punong Guro James Hundon will be teaching Serrada weapons and empty hand classes in San Francisco. PPG Hundon is Punong Guro under Pangulong Guro Sultan "Shaykh" Uddin, founder of the International Eskrima Serrada Association (IESA), and protege of Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales.
    Professor-Punong Guro Hundon is the founder of Universal Martial Arts Academy, which is also the official headquarters of IESA.

    Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm-7:30pm

    Whitney Young Child Development Center
    100 Whitney Young Circle
    SF 94124

    $15/class or $60/month

    For more info: 415-671-2055
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  2. arnisador

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    How lucky for those nearby! San Francisco is such a hub of martial arts activity. Why can't more of these folks move to Indiana so the rest of us have a chance? :)
  3. PG Michael B

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    Kamusta of luck to my IESA brothers....keep on keepin on....great job! .....PEACE

    Punong Guro Michael B
    BaHad Zu'Bu
  4. pahhhoul

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    All the best to PPG Hundon & the UMAA!


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