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    When I was going there, they said GGM Pedoy was born in 1900 and trained under Ablen at the age of 6... So GGM Pedoy didn't train with Ablen until 1906... I read in the Pedoy website that he trained with him for 11 years... So GGM Pedoy trained with Ablen until 1917... Which conflicts historical documents because Ablen was captured in 1907 and executed a month after that...

    Is there a discrepancy in the dates? Or am I getting my facts wrong on Ablen? I'm not trying to disrespect GGM Pedoy but the dates must be wrong... Could he have trained with Ablen earlier than 1906 and could GGM Pedoy be born earlier than 1900?
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    Please stop this now. And may I recommend if you really want to know the actual accounts of its history why don't you inquire directly from the source starting with GM Ty. I would much appreciate it if you do this instead of inquiring publicly in this forum; different opinions may or may not know the actual events that truly happened at those times in questioned from your own curiosity. May I quote you, "I'm not trying to disrespect GGM Pedoy...," then take my truthful advise and give GM Ty a call. Thank you.
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    Thank You Anthony... But I have already called up the Descendants of Pulajanes about it and they have said that GGM Pedoy did train with Ablen... The dates could be wrong concerning Ablen's capture and they are looking into clarifying more info from PI, since that was a long time ago and information from that era and place are hard to come by... Leyte is not exactly a modern city plentiful of documented information of the past... Remember a lot of information in PI can be mixed and a lot of times can be inaccurate... Especially considering dates... Also when you're talking about pre World War 1 eras in PI, a lot of information can get mixed up and lost... Therefore inaccuracies about Ablen can fly around about which date this or that event happened...

    I apologize if I offended anyone which was not my intention... But it was a glitch that I noticed and it made me curious...
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    Dates, like you said dates and records in the Philippines are not very accurate. Many have been lost or destroyed during the Spanish American War, the Filipino American War and WWII. This also applies to birth records. I know that the official record says GGM Pedoy was born in 1900 but, I know that GGM Pedoy was born earlier according to the personal conversations that I had with him. He was born in the late 1880’s and that he had used a friend’s seaman paper to book passage to Hawaii Escotor was the name if my memory serves me right, and it wasn’t till after WWII that he took his real name back this after serving as a guard for the US military and also teaching how to use the bayonet in combat to departing soldiers. One of which when he came home actually dropped to his knees and kissed GGM Pedoy’s feet and thanked him for the knowledge he had been given which saved his life. I wish I could remember this soldiers name but alas I’m really bad with names. Also I know from first hand when I had ordered a birth certificate from Daan Bantayan and they had said that all records had been lost due to a fire, so they sent me a birth certificate that was a few year’s different than the actual date of birth by a few years making my then wife R.I.P. five years younger than she actually was. So I could see how that might happen. Also during the 1800’s most children were brought into this world using midwives and in the countryside sometimes records were not kept, so you remembered as best as you could. Also according to GGM Pedoy General Ablin did escape from the jail the Americans were holding him in and that he was living in hiding deep in the mountains of Ormoc. So I will believe what GGM said to be true for he was a very religious man with a wealth of knowledge of the history of the Philippines as attested to by the great Dan Inosanto. In fact after hearing his life story I remember saying to myself boy this would make a great movie. GGM Pedoy was a fascinating man who made many contributions to the FMA community.

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