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    Posted with Matt's kind permission:

    July 26, 2004
    Memorandum for Record
    Subject: Personal Recommendation for Marc Denny

    This letter is to recommend Marc Denny as a combatives instructor. Marc Denny is a Level Three certified instructor in Modern Army Combatives and, most significantly, the founder of “Dog Brohers Martial Arts” (DBMA) the principle source for weapons fighting in the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP)

    I have known Mr. Denny for three yeaers. Having trained in hand-to-hand combat for 20 years and as the Director of the Modern Army Combatives Program and Commandant of the United States Army Combatives School, I can state without hesitation that Mr. Denny has the qualities we are looking for to bolster our Modern Army Combatives program.

    I first met Marc through a mutual friend. Knowing my great interest in the martial arts, he felt that Marc would be the perfect instructor for me– he was correct. In Marc I found one of the most skilled martial artists I have seen, a true Master. When Marc is instructing, all eyes are on him. His charisma, manner, and leadership talent is without peer. More significantly, I found in Marc a friend in the truest sense of the word.

    Loyal to a fault, Marc has never hesitated to bend over backwards to assist me in any of my needs. Marc has graciously opened his home to me on numerous occasions and has tirelessly worked withme on perfecting my weapons fighting skills.

    Marc is also one of the most impressive physical talents. Throughout a career in excess of 20 years, Marc has attacked the rigors of world-class athletics with nothing but success. I have witnessed Marc tirelessly work against opponent after opponenet in the dojo while the rest of us were on the sideline catching our breath.

    Marc is a true patriot. His relationship with the military goes back to 1991 when he was commissioned by SEAL Team 6. His expertise in combatives has also been called upon by 5th Group, Special Forces and, as previously mentioned, is one of the bases for MACP’s Weapon fighting techniques.

    In Marc you have a gentlemen who is the epitome of what is looked for in a coach, a teacher, and a mentor: loyalty, trust, respect, honor, duty and commitment. He is a man whom I am proud to have trained with and greatly look forward to serving with.

    Matt Larsen
    Director, United States Army Combatives Program.

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