How Was PTK Selected to Teach the Police and RP Spec. Forces?

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    I instruct LEOs and the military for a living. Over the years I have seen a lot of very talented martial artists demonstrate their abilities. I've seen a lot of LEOs and Military personnel in various and sundry martial arts classes. It was all good. Skills were learned, health was improved, money was made; etc.

    But, while there are a lot of very talented instructors out there, I have only ever seen a handful who actually understood the demands and the mission of those who work in harm's way. And even among those who do, their training is almost always a commercial school not specifically designed for special ops. (Yes, of course there are exceptions.)

    I've been training since I was 13 and I am just a few years younger than GM Gaje. When I began training in PTK I was enormously impressed by his ability to translate PTK into a form that would fit the demands of a military environment. Certainly he is not the only talented FMA GM. I've trained under others. But I do think he is rather unique in the way he relates a classical FMA to the military environment.

    Once they've seen how it is done, could another Grand Master have distilled their system (and their teaching style - command presence) to make it adaptable? Probably. Many of them (fewer all the time) were in combat when I was in diapers. But they didn't, GM Gaje did. The others chose a different path. Again, it's all good.

    Although I have not been to the Phillipines, and wasn't around to witness the audition, I suspect that, with body language, presence, and selection of technique, PTK made an impression that struck a chord with the onlookers. It is probably more than a simple case of ability and has much to do with accesability as well.

    When I was looking to begin practicing another FMA, my short list was composed of three styles (PTK among them). Full disclosure here, I chose PTK largely because it was the only one of the three available in my area. I'm sure any of the three would have enriched my practice immeasurably. But there is little doubt in my mind that the other two would not have been suitable (in their present form anyway) for military instruction. I am enormously fortunate to have had the Fates direct me towards PTK. I'll work on the other two systems in a couple of decades. :)
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    Man, you hit the nail on the head. A handful of people do only understand the needs of LE in comparison to what the military needs are. As for LE, it depends on what branch it is. Is it Swat, or narcotics, homocide, street cops, etc.? They all have certain needs for a different reason. A good FMA style can adapt to whatever their needs are because it is already in the system. There is no need to tweak anything.

    You are correct when you say many do make changes in "their style" to adapt to military peronell (am I spelling personell correctly?) and/or LE.

    I apologize for the previous double post. I have no idea how i did that. Silly me![​IMG]
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    Ron- Style bashing is not exclusive to PTK. Every style gets it from somewhere. Just the nature of some humans. Just like the Pepsi vs Coke, Yankees Vs. Mets, and everything else. If what one person likes isn't what someone else likes then they make fun of it or cut it down to keep other people from liking it. I personally feel that every style has something to offer, and there are styles I won't train in or no longer train in because I can't stand the instructor, but it's nothing against the style. I'm sure a lot of others on this forum feel the same way. It's just we tend to notice the bashers more because they get on our nerves.

    Oh, BTW I don't think you spelled it right, but I can't spell it either:), and the multi-post is probably because you accidently double clicked on the submit button, and didn't notice. I've done that myself.
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    OK, as a lifelong Mets fan I am officially authorizing bashing of the Yankees.
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    I hear ya! Then again, thats what this web entity is for...discussion! And debate is part of it. Dislikes and likes are discussions. Controvercy sure does attract attention though. If I came on here and said, Krav Mage sucks big ****, every KM guy in the country and elsewhere would pile in this forum. Controvercy makes things interesting and i noticed a few people here know that![​IMG]
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    I think a team of PTK guys can beat up both, the Yankees and the Mets![​IMG]
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    You mean KM doesn't suck?

    Sorry all, just joking. I just would have been immoral to let a straight line like that go by. :)

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