How Was PTK Selected to Teach the Police and RP Spec. Forces?

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  1. eugene johnson

    eugene johnson New Member

    I dont Formally study FMA however I have been reading this debate very closely and while I respect all, I believe that Tim Waid make the most cogent points and that his resonses are more than apt in answering those who are debating him. Furthermore I believe that it is self evident that if the motherland accepts Pekei Tersia as its system then they probably did it for a good reason. The Phil. Military is a very active in combat and would never choose an inferior art. (one day I will join a formal FMA school and pekite Tersia will be my first choice - not to say that some of the other ones are not good -i believe that most of them are good arts)
    Im a voracious researcher and have just visited the Pekitti terisa website and I can say that Im am very impressed. I also am impressed most by the Leo Gahe video clips on the you-tube.

    Peace and health to all
  2. puntadas

    puntadas New Member

    I'd agree here, seems the vast majority of martial artists forget that these systems they're involved in learning or teaching actually swing from a reference point & the opinions lodged by many of the people in this particular thread - demonstrate an almost 1960's/70's mentality in appreciation - immature!
    These people ought remember they have a responsibility in this day & age to convey the correct information: self-deception & the hoodwinking of students that present themselves in good faith (spec ops or not) can no longer be tolerated.
    10 out of 10 to Tim Waid & his teacher Tuhon Leo Gaje for bringing these valuable truthes to us.
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  3. bladedone

    bladedone New Member

    I would have to agree puntadas. I began my MA studies during the summer of 1979. I have studied countless MA. "Take what is useful... Disregard the rest" philosophy. If you will. PTK is the only system that i have stuck with for one simple reason. It is a complete system i can learn, and make it my own, to fit me. I don't have to please an instructor by being forced to be his robot. I'm not learning to do this and this and this and this and this and this... when my opponent attacks. I have honed my mindset to dominate an opponent(s) within 3 to 5 seconds in that situation. And for that? Thank you, Mr. Waid. You have made me a better Martial Scientist, Artist, and all around person. TUHON! You have my utmost respect, Mr. Waid.
  4. puntadas

    puntadas New Member

    I liked Tim's:
    We are there. You are not. Get over it.

    & when the charlatan's come in blowing their trumpets...
    that's all they can do!
  5. CARP

    CARP New Member


    What is the true meaning of your call sign "Puntadas"?

  6. Gilla

    Gilla -== Banned ==-

    After a week of sensitivity training and appalacaian ban-ijitsu I'm back> with Phil Donahue as a mentor , I can't help but to be a better person. Thank you Phil and Noe Toe's Johnson my banjo Guro.
  7. Matt Lim

    Matt Lim New Member

    Wakka.. wakka.. wakka!!! April boys drilling palusut and sagang labo!!!
  8. eugene johnson

    eugene johnson New Member

    I just saw the video clips of TIm Wade sparring on the pt-go website. I'm speechless. Wow! I have never before seen such precision in any FMA especially the footwork. If anybody has seen any footwork this sharp please let me know. I especially like the way his strikes and footwork worked in such precision. I am also a geometry nerd (in addition to being a nerd in many academic fields) and I can appreciate the angles that Mr wade was able to incorporate in his sparring.
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I am a mathematician and I know exactly what you mean!
  10. Gilla

    Gilla -== Banned ==-

    Mr.Waid comes to N.Y.C 2 a year and he is outstanding . If you get the chance go see him.
  11. blindside

    blindside student

    Youtube "Pekiti," there is a series of technical sparring videos of Tim and Gabrial Martinez.
  12. puntadas

    puntadas New Member

    to the point...
    & now that godzilla is out of jail?
  13. eugene johnson

    eugene johnson New Member

    Thanks guys! The more I compare the Pekti Tirsia to the other systems out there the more it appeals to my intellectual curiosity.
    One day (if I train hard enough) I would like to have the skills/power of the pekiti people that I see on all these videos
  14. bladedone

    bladedone New Member

    you will, eugene. and maybe one day someone will say that about you. good luck in your travels along the path.
  15. Chris Wiggins

    Chris Wiggins New Member

    I've had a few margaritas so I feel like I can pass on a few things that will make your Pekiti training easier. There are a few things that you MUST be ablle to do.

    1. You must have a tolerance for San Miguel.
    2. Tanduay must flow through your veins.
    3. It helps if you can fight with a dip in.
    4. Your karoke skills must be honed.

    everything else is a piece of cake.

    Train on!
  16. puntadas

    puntadas New Member

    san miguel lite & diet coke...
  17. Filipe

    Filipe New Member

    Lesson learned: Don't eat a bowl of ceral when reading some of these comments. Laughter tends to make it come through the nose.....Eugene, are you real???
  18. eugene johnson

    eugene johnson New Member

    Thats not very nice.....
  19. langgaw

    langgaw New Member

    Mr Tim Waid,

    With all due respect, your claims should be mellowed down as it sounds a bit offensive to the FMA groups mentioned. I am sure you are very good in you field of expertise but maintain a level of respect and professionalism with regards to claims. Opinions however are welcomed and very much encouraged but expressing views that would tend to be divisive or insulting needs more thinking. I am a nobody and yet I respect all styles and system as a fellow FMAer. You have shared a lot of useful information and I am sure everyone appreciates it but I suggest to remain objective. Being subjective gets one nowhere but responses of the same tone. Humility will work specially when everybody in the FMA knows that out there ......another system is still better. More power to you.
  20. puntadas

    puntadas New Member

    good point!

    "with great power, comes great responsibility"...

    it must be very difficult in a world of fma, where the ego's have already run rampant - cashed in, are still cashing in & a good chunk of what is being taught is not true, not to mention lowering the name of filipino culture & causing suffering.

    whereas a real live swordsman, would stand up & say:

    "listen here my lil chickens, the foxy is comin ~ time to practice the real thing"

    thanks for standing up, Tim Waid!

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