How to report a post that violates FMATalk's Terms of Service

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by Bob Hubbard, Jan 25, 2008.

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    How to report a post that violates FMATalk's Terms of Service

    If you need to report a post, take the following steps:

    1) On the post you want to report, click on the red outlined triangle [​IMG] with the black exclamation point in it. This will be located in the upper right hand corner of the post.

    2) In the empty space, type in your message. Give as much detail as possible.

    3) Click on the "Send Report" button, which will send the reported post in e-mail form to all Site Staff members.
    Once Site Staff have received it, they will discuss the matter, and take the appropriate action. If you have any follow up questions in regards to a reported post, you should PM a Site Moderator.
    NOTE: The report a post function is ONLY to be used to report trolls, spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, offensive, inappropriate, or rude) posts.
  2. pguinto

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    can we report our own posts, if we want them removed?
  3. arnisador

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    Yes, but in that case you may also PM a staff member. The report feature sends an e-mail to all staff so the matter is likely to be handled promptly, and should be used when that's necessary; for things that aren't as time sensitive, a PM may be best.

    Note, we don't always remove posts but can usually at least edit them when asked.

    -FMAT Admin

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