How Stab-Proof Vests Work.

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    Doesn't work......
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    The link> It just worked for me!
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    Pretty cool! It's shallow of me, but I'd take that whole site way more seriously if it actually LOOKED like a professional site..or if half the text showed up correctly in my browser. Never should have gotten into webdesign.
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    I'm not in web design but I thought the same. The text was hard to read and the bullethole graphics look like they don't take the subject very seriously.

    Basically, its a formulation of Kevlar that is tightly woven and extremely dense, making it difficult to cut with a blade. This also makes the vest difficult to manufacture because it cannot be cut with steel blades on the production floor.
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    The right knife will penetrate any vest. That's why spear point daggers and bayonets are illegal. Back to the ice pick. It can and will penetrate any armor currently on the market except the breastplate. Either way, your still dead.
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    South Africa condemns World Cup stab-vests

    South Africa condemns World Cup stab-vests


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