How old is Sikaran?

Discussion in 'Sikaran' started by arnisador, May 14, 2010.

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    From Wikipedia:

    I have to wonder if Sikaran really dates back to the 16th century. I don't doubt that there were FMAs that used kicking then, but could it really have been the same system that survives to this day?
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    If we are looking at what was done in the 1500's I doubt that any of the FMA we know today would have been the same.
    Back then it more likely was tribe against tribe with battles going on between each and more then likely little to no real training of the arts, more learning in combat .
    I am sure kicking , punching, grappling as well as swords, clubs, etc. where all used in combat.
    Most of the training may have come from whatever recreational activities or contests that where held in each village.
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    That's what I was thinking--much less by way of specific, named arts and much more of people using what they've learned has worked.
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    My FMA teacher's Pilippine National Karate Coach and Mentor, Emmanuel S. Querubin is one of the first students of Grand Master Geronimo. Master Querubin is actually listed in their Black Belt records as Member 003, right under the son of Grand Master Geronimo. Master Querubin with the help of his teacher composed a book on Sikaran and also made a website. Go to:
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    When contemplating the origins Sikaran I think it would be important to consider that the name of an organized Martial Arts group differs from that of battle techniques, sports in a village, and family teachings. Anywhere that kicking was employed and used in any of the above would have to be considered to have been the use of Sikaran.
    To say that Sikaran only originated in one town in the 20th century would seem a bit foolish to me.
    As an organization name Sikaran is only a 20th century innovation ( or maybe 19th century) but with out the ART being passed down in families villages, etc. the foundations of the art would not have been there. That is unless you feel that someone had a miraculous thought one day and said “hey I have an idea that has never been thought of before, and I'll do something no one ever has done “KICKS” To add to this if sikaran is used a word for kicking techniques all over the islands then kicking must have been done all over the islands for many many years, decades centuries

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