how many years to complete the system of innosanto kali?

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    how many years to complete the system of innosanto kali? in 1 year training the practitioner can teach to the certain areas which he trained?
  2. Like any system, it takes as long as it takes. The difficulty in evaluating the Inosanto/Lacoste Kali system is that it has evolved considerably since Guro Dan started training in the FMA. His focus has shifted through a series of influences (Lacoste Kali, Serrada, Villabraille/Largusa, Pekiti Tirsia, Lameco, Giron, Balintawak, Illustrisimo, etc.) and so things taught at different historical periods would not be identical to other periods. I think that the overall structure (Sumbrada, Espada y Daga, knife, staff, etc) has remained consistent but the technical focus in application has changed.

    You will have to make your own way in the system. If you have been accepted as a member of the IIMAIA there are guide posts (go to an instructor camp/workshop to get written information) but as they say "The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your arm".

    Instructors who have "graduated" with a full instructorship may be of help, but will probably try to get you to follow them instead. I, as an example, teach Pekiti Tirsia as my primary system.

    When people as me to describe the Inosanto system I use the analogy of the twelve blind men trying to describe an elephant by feeling different parts of it. None of them are really wrong, but they don't have the whole picture either.

    Good luck.

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