How many people train with canes?

Discussion in 'Misc. Stick Arts' started by Brock, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Datu Tim Hartman

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    Thanks for the post Dan!
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    One of my instructors gave me a cold steel walking stick. My training includes escrima largo mano and senkotiros, the walking stick is useful in two ways. The heavier rounded end fits nicely into the palm the opposite narrow steel tip provides traction on the road. My wife and I walk our dog in a mixed working class neighborhood. I like carrying a low profile weapon I can use if needed against humans and dogs.

    The heavier rounded end can crack a skull and the metal clad tip can main or kill. Also carry a backup folder....

    So big deal, so what if I am in good physical condition, look middle age tough, and have escrima/serrada training. They way things are these days I may be better off with a 9mm with a couple 18 round clips.
  3. Charlie

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    I have never been formally taught with a cane but after reading this I was trying some stuff and I can use some of the counters in Serrada with a cane.
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    For those in the UK Playwell Martial Arts sells a brilliant walking stick made from Rattan the same grade as their Eskrima kit for less than £15 and it has the wider crook useful for training.
    Cane Masters canes at the top end are works of art and the price reflects that, I'd love to own one but it would be too nice to use in training I fear and I do agree that the shark teeth and snake head styles are maybe too blatantly weapons grade to pass off as 'just' a walking aid in airports these days, could be wrong on that.
    Walking stick self defence courses used to be very popular over here but the insurance cover for teachers has risen year on year maybe reflecting the rise in the number of claims made, to the extent that cover is so expensive nowadays that it's not offered as it once was. I found a complete Cane Masters seminar on you tube over an hour's worth of super tuition free, reluctant to post that link though for fear of infringing copyright etc.
    As an old knacker approaching 61 with arthritis that kicked badly at 55 I did need to use a walking stick for a year or so until someone introduced me to standing QiGong and since then (touch wood) I have been pain free and mobile. Using a stick caused me to feel like an old man until I came across Cane Masters and whilst I never went into it in a big way it gave me a different and more positive perspective.
    I now cultivate a TaiChi ruler set but instead of using a ruler I have adapted it to use a walking stick which is fun and a nice workout. The other thing you can use the stick for is power lifts and presses by fixing elastic shock cords onto the cane and under your feet, that's a good routine too. Cane Masters sell those in different strengths but you can use bungees just as easily the more bungees the greater the resistance.
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  5. Guro Dave Gould


    Irish Shillelagh

    I bought an Irish Shillelagh about 10 years back while visiting Dublin, Ireland. I love swinging that thing. I train Lameco Eskrima with it sometimes at home in my private training and love the feel and weight to it. It almost makes me glad to be getting older as my reward will be carrying it with me on my flights with which to travel as I enter into my advanced years. In the past I have trained some cane material, mostly takedowns, locks, throws as well as strikes and enjoyed it.

    Guro Dave Gould
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    Speaking of Irish Shillelagh, last weekend I had the opportunity to train in the Irish stick fighting style of the Doyle family/clan. Very interesting stuff, especially handy if you have to wield a heavier cane. Interestingly enough, it's a two handed system that uses the cane in a bilateral way. I will probably look more into it as the opportunities present themselves.

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