How many countries?

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    How many countries have a Modern Arnis presence?
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    Let's see...the U.S. and Canada, Germany, and the Philippines, of course! Those are the big ones.

    The WMAA has groups in Sweden and Denmark. Is there still a WMAA presence in Japan (John Lehmann's group)? I believe there is someone in Spain, but I can't recall where I heard this. Mr. Delaney lists a school in England, and the IMAF-Schea group lists a school in Hong Kong.
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    Actually IMAF -Schea also has a presence in Germany with Gabbi and there is the DAV Germany with Dieter. These are two seperate organizations in Germany but both with Modern Arnis.
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    In which countries

    The Czech Modern Arnis group is part of the DAV. Out president is teaching there.

    There is Modern Arnis in the following countries due to seminars of myself or other instructors of the DAV:

    Denmark (started in 1984), Switzerland (1984), Sweden (1985), Norway (1986, may be not an active Modern Arnis group any more), France (1998), Austria (1999), Hungary (2000), Russia (2005), Czech Republic (2005).
    At the moment there are activities going on in Poland and Italy.

    I have taught Modern Arnis in the following countries, without having established a Modern Arnis group there: Holland, England, Spain and of coourse in countries with well estabished Modern Arnis groups like USA and Australia.
    Another student of mine has taught Modern Arnis in Sri Lanka and in Thailand.

    There may have been othere countries as well, that I might have forgotten.


    Dieter Kn├╝ttel
    Datu of Modern Arnis

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