How do you spar?

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    DAMAG-INC Kali Combatives Demo video
    [Daniel Arola Martial Arts Group Inc ]
    Filipino Kali Combatives training as taught by Daniel also featuring some ofthe soldiers from Ft Bragg. Jaime, Jon, Josh, and Jason with music written and performed by guitarist and FMA'er, Jason Couture who is also seen training in this video. This is DAMAG-INC in 2006 as filmed in Fayetteville & Ft Bragg, NC


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    Great posting.Let me start off but saying this.(I know It will get a little flack)In JKD we did Not do Kali-silat-Tahi.Under Bruce & James Lee we did spar wepons & empty hand.It was on JKD,there was no concepts-practicle-pre 73 ect.I dont want to say the concepts is or isnt good.I know what it can do.But,JKD is JKD & no silat or thai.)If you do Arnis under Remy-you dont run around & say Im Gracy-Thai-Savate-Tkd-Ect.Modern Arnis is what it is.The same for JKD.For sparring we padded up knees-shins-head-hands.Now on a lighter note seperate from JKD-I do Arnis-Kali-Escrima.For Escrima We had no pads & did the 1-12 lock n block drills.For Kali on the tirsa side of the art-Fencing helmet-gloves-shin pad.Arnis side I teach with foam sticks & no pads for all drills ect.but ,with contact.

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    We spar on all distances-we use kicks,punches,elbows,knees,take down and groundstickfighting.
    Usually spar finish with submission or tap-out,sometimes with KO or decline after hard punch with stick or other body weapon.
    The rules are decrease to minimum,closely to reality,but with care about health of my gays.We use helmet,MMA gloves,mouthguard,knee and elbow protectors and light padded bamboo sticks for spar.Now I’m in progress to make padded rattan sticks.
    Sometimes I divide spar on only stick or no-armed hand(kick),but often I play mix spar.
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    A lot of people fail to mix stick sparring with empty-hand sparring, but changing ranges is emphasized in JKD! We do it fairly often where I study JKD.
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    That’s right! :) A lot of people can’t mix if they don’t have solid background of kick,punch and grap MA.If they pass by this MA and accept mostly on stick fight the results is :”Oohh,this not working,I can’t do it”.I talk for mix,for free stick fighting.If they wish to do only stick fight-that’s no problem,but for mix that’s not the way.

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    I prefer to isolate the ranges during the week to fine-tune the sparring skill and then combine all the ranges when it's time to have a gathering.
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    The best fight anyone will have is one that is avoided.

    He who reaches the highest plane, will be humble among others.

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    There's many more ways than one to see how the "best fight" could be like. If you "avoided" the fight, then how would it be considered a the "best fight" if at all? Besides... what in hell does this have to do with SPARRING?
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    Let me see if I can get this back on track.

    How do I spar? For novice students we go very slow with out pads and empty handed. We try to focus on important fundamentals like zoning and body mechanics. I start them no contact.
    After that we put on some basic pads (gloves, cup, shin pads, headgear) and we look for slight contact. The focus is on interceptions and destructions using a point type system (although it is continuous).
    Next step is medium contact with all body tools and grappling (and simulated Kino Mutai) is allowed.
    At all points of training we also use situational limitations. One person may only be alowed to use his arms another his legs, etc.
    For weapons sparing its padded sticks with protection and light contact. The emphasis is again on fundamentals. I look for use of body weapons in conjunction with the stick, use of the alive hand, abilityto zone, economy of motion, etc.
    Then it's the full suit and rattan. All sytems go.
    The knife stuff is also similar in progression.
    Any body else care to share thier methods?

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