How an Israeli Team Assassinated a Hamas Official.

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  1. arnisador

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    Assassins had Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in sight as soon as he got to Dubai

    This is a fascinating, detailed account of how he was identified, tailed, staked out, and ambushed by an 11-person team that carefully coordinated its communications so as not to be detected, changed wigs frequently, etc. Interesting reading if like me most of what you know about assassinations comes from The Bourne Trilogy and the like.
  2. sjansen

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    It is very facinating how Israel deals with terrorist threats. I find it funny that in America we strip search an American grandmother while a middle eastern man goes unsearched so we don't upset anyone. In Israel they only search those who are Muslim. They have not had a terrorist hijacking since taking this stance. I would feel more safe on an Isreali airline than one in the U.S. as far as terrorists go.

    Also, Isreal has been known to target specific terrorists. They specifically targeted and killed all those accountable for killing the athletes at the Munic games. When your a target of terrorism, you should use no holds barred tactics. If not, your meerly lambs for the slaughter. Hamas' goal is to take down the state of Israel as stated by Hamas. No quarter asked and none given. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
  3. silat1

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    As far as I see it, the Israelis took out a viable target who had been part of the planning group who has been doing terrorist actions against Israel for a good while.. This better to let the putz die on some one else's soil instead of home turf.. This time the agents took action once the target hit the ground, eyes were on as soon as he landed.. Now that is an intelligent network that we in the states could learn a great deal from.. Time to take offensive actions instead of defensive, hit them where it hurts and as George Patton said" let the poor son of a bitch die for his own country".

    Nuff said
  4. arnisador

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    I have no problems with what they did, but what I found so interesting here was how they did it. That's a lot of coordination and planning and care!
  5. pguinto

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    The big blunder:
  6. arnisador

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    Mossad: the Keystone spooks

    Mossad’s hit in Dubai initially seemed like a textbook assassination, but now awkward questions are being asked of Israel’s government. Andrew Gilligan reports

  7. arnisador

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    Slain Hamas Operative Was Drugged, Dubai Police Say

    This was a well-thought-out assassination. What I find interesting from the point of view of this forum is that it was a close-quarters combat operation...where the only decent defense would have been not getting into that position in the first place.
  8. silat1

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    The mission was a total success.. This action made the world free of another insurgent who went to the after life.. I hope instead of the virgins, he meets a few guys named Bubba in the after life.. The video shows the outcome of the possibility that good things can come out of a messed up situation..
  9. EliasPFS

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    So awesome. Proud of my people!

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